7 things to do in Jubail

Jubail offers many things to do, attractions, tourist spots, and places to visit for its visitors. Here are some places to visit in Jubail.

What is the best time to go?

The weather in Jubail is hot and humid in most parts of the year except for 4 months from November to February. Therefore, it is better to plan a visit to Jubail during this period.

Al Nakheel Beach

Al Nakheel Beach is the most visited tourist place in the city of Jubail as it offers a big park, rest area, restrooms, and a good place for families. You can bring your children to Al Nakheel beach, where they can enjoy rides while you face the sea breeze.

Al Nakheel Beach - places to visit in jubail

Al-Fanateer Water Activities

A few kilometers from Al Nakheel beach, you will find Al-Fanateer beach. While you can visit its beach as well but here we are recommending you to enjoy the water activities at Al-Fanateer Marina.

As a tourist visiting Jubail, you can enjoy several water activities such as water skiing, Jet Ski, speedboats, cruise trips, fishing, and diving competitions at this place.

  • Al-Fanateer Marina Location
  • Al-Fanateer Marina Timing: 8:30 am to 10 pm.

Al-Fanateer Marina - things to do in jubail

Galleria Mall

If you are a tourist who has the time to visit only one shopping mall in Jubail, I would recommend you to go to the place called Galleria Mall. You will find all major clothing brands, Lulu Hypermarket, Children playarea and a big food court there. It is situated at Al Fanateer beach so you can quickly navigate there.

Galleria Mall - jubail tourist spot

Deffi Park

If you are looking for a place to barbeque in Jubail, visit Deffi Park. It is a big park with plenty of rides for children, a designated barbeque area, plenty of parking, lushgreen grass, and many trees. Undoubtedly, this is the best park of Jubail.

Deffi Park - tourist places in jubail


Knowledge and Creativity Centre

There are many fairs and events held Knowledge and Creativity Center in Jubail which makes it an attractive place to visit for tourists. There are many interesting and informative activities in the center. A perfect place for indoor outings especially for children.

  • Knowledge and Creative Centre Location.

Knowledge and Creativity Centre - places to visit in jubail

Al Tawia Historical Tower

Al Tawia historical tower is one of the historical Jubail monuments that was built in 1929 on the order of King Abdul Aziz to protect Al Tawia well. Al Tawia well was the principal source of water for the nomad population.

Al Tawia Historical Tower - jubail tourist spot

Jubail Church

Jubail Church is said to be a 4th-century church building near Jubail from the Church of the East. Being a Christian tourist, you would be interested to visit this place in Jubail.

Jubail Church

In February 1986, a young man from Jubail decided to put his new 4WD through its paces on the sand dunes west of the coastal city and finally discovered the 4th-century church. He was not even aware of what he had discovered at that time.

Jubaiil Church


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