10 tourist places to visit in Al Wajh

Al Wajh is a city around 325 km south of Tabuk and 350 km north of Yanbu. There are many tourist places to visit in Al Wajh to keep you busy for a couple of days.

What is the best time to go?

The weather in Al Wajh remains moderate in the autumn and spring and gets cold in the winter. Therefore, it is better to visit this beautiful city during autumn, spring and winter and avoid it during summer.

Al Wajh Castle

In the middle of the Al Balad district of Al Wajh lies the historic Al Wajh castle. Al Wajh castle was built in 1859 A.D with the purpose to overlook the port, the old market and protect the town.

There are some old canons placed inside Al Wajh castle which makes it an absolutely must-visit place for tourists.

Al Wajh Castle - Historical place to visit in Al Wajh

Al Balad

Al Balad is an old district of Al Wajh that used to be a commercial center of the fishing community a long time ago. However, this district has been left abandoned and looks like a ghost city now.

If you are a tourist who wants to see the soul of the old city of Al Wajh, you should definitely visit Al Balad.

Al-Azlam Castle

Located around 100 km from Al Wajh towards Duba, lies one of the historical tourist attractions of the region called Al-Azlam Castle. Al-Azlam castle was built in 1341 A.D to provide a stop to Egyptian pilgrims on the road to Makkah during the ottoman and mamluk reign.

Al-Azlam Castle - places to visit in Al Wajh

Al-Zareeb Castle

The Castle was originally built in 1617 to give protection to the pilgrims that make it a great historical tourist place to visit in Al Wajh. The pilgrims that came to Makkah and those who were from Makkah required protection and thereby a Castle was built for them.

Al-Zareeb Castle - - places to visit in Al Wajh

11 Water Wells

If you look around Al-Zareeb Castle, you will find 11 water wells that have provided water to pilgrims and travelers passing by this area for hundreds of years. If you are interested to know the history of Al Wajh, you should visit this place.

  • 11 Water Wells Location.
  • Muwailha Well.
  • Amara Well.
  • South Maqumah Well.
  • Al Tejaria Well.
  • Al Ajwa Well.
  • Al-Shadouf Well.
  • Al-Muqrinah Well.
  • Al-Qalaa Well.
  • Al-Manzalawi Well.
One of the 11 Water Wells around Al-Zareeb Castle.

Al Wajh Marina

Al Wajh Marina is the place from where you can hire boats for fishing or a family picnic. Boat owners charge around SR 200/person or SR 1,000 for the full boat for 4-5 hours.

Al Wajh Marina

Dolphin Island – جزيرة ريخه‭

Rehe Island is a 12 km long island that lies around 8 km south of Al Wajh. An aerial view of the island looks like a dolphin due to which it is also called the dolphin island. When you book the boat from Al Wajh Marina, you can ask them to take you to this island.

Dolphin Island in Al Wajh

Camel Rock

There are many weird formations of rocks in Al Wajh but the one which tourists love to visit the most is camel Rock. It is situated just in front of the Saudi Electric Plant in Al Wajh.

Camel Rock - places to visit in Al Wajh

Zaaim Bay Beach – شاطئ زاعم

If you want to spend an evening along with the seaside, there is no other place better than visiting شاطئ زاعم in Al Wajh. As you can see in the picture below, the local municipality has invested heavily to beautify this beach.

Zaaim Bay Beach in Al Wajh

Al-Ashraf Mosque

During your visit to Al Wajh, don’t forget to offer prayers in the oldest mosque of the city called Al-Ashraf Mosque that overlooks the beautiful red sea. It is a 276 years old mosque built in 1845 A.D.

Al Ashraf Mosque - the oldest mosque of Al Wajh

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