11 Tourist Places to visit in Al Baha

If you are running short of things to do in Al Baha, this article is for you. There are so many beautiful places and tourist attractions to visit in Al Baha such as the Al kharrara waterfall which mesmerizes the tourists.

What is the best time to go?

The weather in Al Baha remains pleasant throughout the year so you can pick any part of the year to pay a visit to these places. It is most recommended during winter.

Al Kharrara waterfall – شلال جدر

There is a waterfall in Al Baha which is called Al Kharrara waterfall (شلال جدر) and it is a must-visit place and tourist attraction. Al Kharrara waterfall is just 30 only kilometers away from Al Baha.

Al Kharrara waterfall Al BahaThe location tagged below takes you to the top of the Waterfall area. If you really want to enjoy it, make sure to go in the winter.

Raghadan Forest Park – منتزه غابة رغدان

Al Baha is surrounded by more than 40 forests and the most special being the Raghadan forest park which is a must-visit tourist place and attraction. The forest spreads over 600,000 square meters.

Raghadan Forest Park in Al Baha منتزه غابة رغدانIt is only 5 kilometers away from the city of Al Baha. Children would really enjoy the playground and a little Zoo there! Raghadan Forest allows you to view the famous 25 tunnels of Al Baha as well.

Al Baha Zip Line – منطقة التزلج

If you are running short of things to do in Al Baha, get back to Raghadan Forest Park to take Al Baha Zip Line. The ride is quite adventurous and worth taking risks.

Adventures Land

If you want to enjoy the fun of playing paintball in Al Baha, adventures land situated in Raghadan Forest is the place to visit. Moreover, there are two zones for climbing, free fall, and food and beverages.

  • Adventures Land Map Location.
  • Free Fall & Climbing Tower Ticket: SR 40.
  • Paintball Ticket: SR 75.
  • Buy tickets online.

Adventures Land - A theme park to visit in Al Baha

Prince Hussam Park

If you are traveling to Al Baha with your children, you should definitely visit this place. It is a well-maintained park with a lovely walk around the fountain in the middle and there are plenty of benches and grassy areas to have a picnic, so remember to bring a blanket.

The glass bridge, hanging bridge, and colorful slides are the newly launched activities in the park.

Al Baha Hanging Bridge – حديقة الجسر النباتية

Saudi engineer has transformed his family’s private farm into a splendid garden, which he has called the “botanical bridge garden.”

A 100-meter suspension bridge hosts the botanical garden, designed to allow the visitors to safely take photos and enjoy the 10,000-square-meter botanical cover.

The hanging bridge moves whenever the wind blows which makes it an absolute must-visit place for tourists in Al Baha.

Al Baha Hanging Bridge

Humaida Stairs – عقبة حميدة الأثرية

Humaida stairs at Baljurashi area in Al Baha is an adventurous place to visit with a beautiful view of the city. There is an outcrop about 20 minutes downhill which is a good spot to take photos.

Humaida Stairs - places to visit in Al Baha

Thee Ain Heritage Marble Village – قرية ذي عين الأثرية

The greatest place and attraction to visit in Al Baha is just 24 km away from the city. People often call it;

  • Thee Ain Heritage Village.
  • Dhee Ain Village.
  • Marble Village.

Thee Ain Heritage Village dates back 400 years, around the 10th century Hijrah, it is built on a gleaming white stone mountain and has a mosque and small houses which vary from two to seven floors in contrasting shades of gray.

Thee Ain Marble VillageMarble Village was a settlement with about 40 houses and a mosque on the banks of a spring. Forts were built to defend the village against outside invasion.

Having its historical importance, this 400-year-old village was abandoned around 30-40 years back due to the erosion of land, buildings, and unavailability of resources for a livelihood.

  • Here is the Map Location.
  • Entry Fee to Dhee Ayn Village: Free.

Thee Ain Marble Village - place to visit in Al Baha

Wadi Al Janabeen Dam in Al Baha – سد وادي الجنابين‭

Around 60 Km from Al Baha lies Wadi Al Janabeen Dam which is another tourist attraction and a must-visit place. It is the biggest dam in Al Baha region which provides water to the neighboring cities including Baljurashi.

Wadi Al Janabeen Dam - place to visit in Al BahaIn the park associated with the Wadi Al Janabeen Dam, you can spend a perfect afternoon session with your family while your children can take rides. It is a beautiful place to take pictures too.

Sheda Village in Al Baha – شدا

Almost halfway to the peak of Jebel Mussala Ibrahim (mountain) is the hidden village of Sheda that is another tourist attraction that people love to visit during their stay in Al Baha. 

Sheda Village in Al Baha Just 77 Km away from Al Baha, you will find 763 million years old caves of Sheda village. Sheda village offers dramatic views across the green cliffs and valleys of the Sarawat mountains.

The road to Sheda Village has been damaged at some parts and it is quite steep as well. 

Al Khulb Park – منتزه الخلب

The last place we recommend you to visit during your stay in Al Baha is Al Khulb Park and Restaurant. Around 60 Km from Al Baha, Al Khulb Park is situated in the middle of a valley that presents a beautiful view.

Al Khulb Park - منتزه الخلبI would strongly recommend you to go there in the afternoon session and then have a cup of coffee or lunch there. You can stay there till dinner.

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