List of 20 Tour Operators in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Everyone loves to plan holidays and vacations in a new exciting way. Many of you living in Saudi Arabia must be planning a tour around the Kingdom or people living abroad would love to take a tour of the country.

For this purpose, there are many tour planners and organizers to fulfill and grant you with an amazing holiday plan. This article discusses all the packages and services provided by them.

Sahara Expatriate Tours: There is a one-day tour planning service offered by the company named “Sahara Expatriate Tours”. It is based in Riyadh at the Sahara airport hotel.

They plan a private tour for you which includes the overall view of Riyadh, taking you to the old capital of Dirriyah and Musmak palace. In such tours, a guide accompanies you as well that explains history and background of every place.

This is best for new ones visiting the country or business visitors. Their package includes a tour of the national museum, desert fossil hunt and diamond hunt, Falcon, and Saluki hunt, and exposure to historical places and culture of Riyadh.

In February, there is an expatriate day celebrated in the Janadarya festival when they take you to camel race tours as well. Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are for group tours.

There are night tours planned as well in Riyadh for which Sundays and Mondays are reserved. It includes a visit to King Abdul Aziz Historical center. The tour ends happily with an umbilicus buffet dinner at the rooftop of Panorama restaurant in the Sahara airport hotel.

Sight seekers Tours: Another organizer named “Sight seekers” plan night trips in Riyadh with camping and visits to deserts outside Riyadh including a camel ride. Clients and tourists can also enjoy Bedouin dancing and sing in the package provided by them.

Dinner under the stars, henna decoration, searching for desert diamonds and some exclusive scenery is the best part of it.

Few of the tour organizers take you to safari drives and deserts giving you the fun of camping. Some companies offer discount packages for other companies who are sending their employees for a vacation.

These organizers also plan each and everything for you if you want. Air travel, ticketing, hotel reservations or any other accommodation, all of it is managed by them. 

Some of them provide excellent packages including services like Camping Tours, visiting Waterfalls, Forts, and historical Palaces, Ayurveda Tours, a trip to Family Beaches, Heritage Tours, Adventure Tours, Yoga Tours, sightseeing and tour of the culture as well.

After writing everything I feel like contacting one of the organizers and plan it all out. Sounds so much fun and relaxing! Saudi Arabia has numerous tourist sites.

Previously the government didn’t take much interest in this field but now it seems they have given attention to the tourism industry. It is prospering very well adding to the country’s economy.

It has been seen that nearly $7 billion has been invested in the tourism industry to flourish. After these reforms, western tourists are also showing interest and visiting the Kingdom.

There is numerous highways buildup now which makes it easier to travel between cities and different regions.

1-Aber Travel & Tourism Agency. Tel: 4730075, Fax: 4731445

2-Alburraq Travel & Tourism Agency. Tel: 4767220, Fax: 4740335

3-Al Fahhad Travel & Tourism Agency. Tel: 2634444, Fax: 4553182

4-Al Hanouf Agency for Travel & Tourism . Tel:4645210, Fax: 4021103

5-Almalakia Agency for Travel & Tourism. Tel: 4416060, Fax: 4414010

6-Alminwal Travel & Tourism Agency. Tel: 4770222, Fax: 4774510

7-Al Sarh Wing Travel & Tourism. Tel: 4770077

8-Bander Tourism & Travel Agency. Tel: 4351479, Fax: 2867613

9-Ben Zeed for Travel & Tour Agency. Tel: 4194688, Fax: 4194023

10-Bin Ghith Travel & Tourism Agency. Tel: 4614477, Fax: 4665037

11-Forsan Travel & Tourism Agency. Tel: 2931023, Fax: 2168774

12-Kingdom Wings Agency for Travel & Tourism. Tel: 4625544, Fax: 4627850

13-Manhal Agency For travel & Tours. Tel: 4653307, Fax: 4622455

14-Naba Tourism & Transport Co. Ltd. Tel: 4708888, Fax: 4708855

15-Najmat Almandain Travel & Tour Agency. Tel: 4752222, Fax: 47303950

16-National Office for Travel & Tourism. Tel: 4658177, Fax: 4642216

17-Ratl Travel & Tourism Agency. Tel: 4652001, Fax: 4658089

18-Ruwaibakh Agency For Travel And Tourism. Tel: 4929126, Fax: 2087091

19-Saudi Tourism & Travel Bureau. Tel: 4779081, Fax: 4632136

20-Shajwa Agenccy for Travel & Tourist. Tel: 4776385, Fax: 4772803


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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.