5 most common reasons for UK Visa rejection

We know that it is quite difficult to get the approval for the UK Visit Visa. Many expatriates have registered their grievances that their UK Visit Visas are rejected every time they apply for it. In this article, we will share 5 most common reasons for UK Visa rejection for expatriates in Saudi Arabia.

Surprisingly, in 2017, 10% of the total visa applicants faced rejection from the UK. If you are interested to visit the UK and fear visa rejection, you shall know the top 5 reasons for Visa rejection so that you might avoid these blunders. Have a read below and make sure to enjoy a UK visa approval!

  1. Mistakes in the application form

Filling in the application form is a crucial step. You need to be alert and need to be equipped with the right information. Make sure you have all the required documents with you and fill in proper and valid information only.

A single mistake in the application form will immediately cause a visa rejection. Always double-check the application form before submitting it.

  1. Large Deposits

If you are applying for the UK visit visa, make sure you do not reveal your large deposits in the bank accounts. When you are asked to show your bank statements, make sure you show the true one. Don’t try to become over-smart by playing with numbers or deliberately showing large amounts.

This is because when your bank statement is viewed, and an instant increase is seen, the authorities get vigilant about your source of income. But when they see the source of income in your cover letter, they get disappointed with the vague information and thereby reject it.

  1. Wrong Visa Category

Make sure you know which visa category you need to opt for. Opting for the wrong category of visa will cause visa rejection. For instance, there are many people who select UK Fiancé Visa yet they are to select the Spouse Visa.

  1. Documents Not Submitted

One of the common reasons for visa rejection is that the required documents are not submitted. People are unable to produce documents that are crucial for their visa approval. A person who intends to go to the UK for business purposes, if unable to produce a bank statement cannot gain a UK visa at any cost!

Similarly, most of the people are unable to give forth their related documents. Also, make sure that the documents that are being submitted are valid and the ones that are required.

  1. Non-Disclosure of Previous issues

Sometimes the applicants tend to hide some information intentionally, especially those who have a criminal record, illegal travel and immigration issues and so. They perceive that as time has passed, they will slip away. Yet, this is not the case!

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.