Top 10 best Law Firms in Riyadh

Welcome to our guide to the legal landscape of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia! This vibrant city is home to some of the best law firms in the country. As the capital of the Kingdom, Riyadh has a thriving legal industry that helps shape the business landscape and uphold justice.

In this blog, we’ll showcase the top law firms in Riyadh. We’ll explore their expertise, reputation, and contributions to the legal field. Whether you’re a local seeking legal assistance or an international entity looking to establish a presence in Saudi Arabia, we’ve got you covered! Our curated selection will guide you toward exceptional legal representation and counsel. So, discover the best law firms in Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

Table of Content:

  • Sahal Law Firm
  • Newton Law Group
  • Hazim Al Madani Law Group
  • Tasheel Law Firm
  • Al Tamimi & Company
  • Allen & Overly LLP
  • Dentons
  • Hogan Lovells
  • Jones Day
  • Yasser Al-Mohaimeed Law Firm

Sahal Law Firm: Pioneering Excellence in Legal Services

Regarding the best law firms in Riyadh, Sahal Law Firm is a standout. They’re known for their unwavering commitment to client success and professionalism in Saudi Arabia.

They go above and beyond to exceed client expectations with fast communication and real-time progress reporting using state-of-the-art electronic project management solutions.

Sahal Law Firm is a trusted partner for clients seeking efficient and reliable legal representation. They have expertise in various sectors, including industry and energy, transportation and logistics, finance and banking, real estate and contracting, retail and consumer, mergers and acquisitions, healthcare and insurance, and sports and events.

No matter the sector, Sahal Law Firm has the competence to solve clients’ specific legal issues.

Their dedication to legal innovation is impressive. They collaborate with the legal community to adopt global best practices for the Arab legal system, providing cutting-edge solutions and unrivaled insights. They also work with government and non-government groups to support the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Sahal Law Firm’s expertise, efficiency, and customer success make them a true legal pioneer in Riyadh. They’re the top-ranked law firm in our ranking of the best law firms in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Their dedication to excellence and continual expansion sets them apart from the rest.

Sahal Law Firm:

Newton Law Group

Newton Law Group is a standout boutique international law firm in Riyadh. They offer unparalleled services to clients across the globe, including businesses, governments, non-profit organizations, and individuals. Their expertise in cross-border legal matters is unmatched, and they have a solid presence in the Middle East.

This esteemed firm deeply understands applicable laws, business practices, and cultural nuances. They provide invaluable guidance to clients venturing into emerging and established markets, focusing strongly on Iraq. Their attorneys are proficient in American, European, and Middle Eastern law and possess a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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Their commitment to building and nurturing relationships sets Newton Law Group apart. They believe in delivering tailored solutions while upholding the highest professional standards. Each client is treated with exceptional care and attention, and the firm is dedicated to achieving clients’ goals with value, efficiency, and creativity.

Their partnership structure enables them to provide superior service and expertise while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Newton Law Group is driven by a client-centered ethic. It stands ready to navigate complex legal landscapes, bridge borders, and deliver excellence.

  • Website:
  • Phone: +966 50 322 9872
  • Address: Building Number 6129, Unit Number 2162, Prince Mohamed Bin Abdul Aziz Road, Al Aqeeq District, Riyadh 3942, Saudi Arabia

Hazim Al Madani Law Firm

Hazim Al Madani Law Firm is a top business and commercial law firm in Riyadh. They’re committed to providing excellent legal services to corporations, companies, and individuals. Their practice areas cover essential aspects of business, from employment disputes to debt collection.

Their lawyers, consultants, and advocates work closely with clients to understand their needs and goals. This allows them to offer tailored solutions and expert advice. They’re well-equipped to navigate complex legal landscapes and help clients manage risk and regulation.

Hazim Al Madani Law Firm is dedicated to achieving positive outcomes for its clients. Their legal experts possess a wealth of knowledge and experience, enabling them to represent clients before courts, tribunals, and in arbitration proceedings. They use skilled representation, thorough litigation strategies, and effective negotiation techniques to provide ultimate legal solutions.

  • Website:
  • Phone: +966 11 479 1355
  • Address: Office No.11, 567 Al-Righi Building, Salah Al-Deen Street (60st) Malaz, Riyadh 11433, Saudi Arabia

Tasheel Law Firm

Tasheel law firm is the go-to law firm in Riyadh. They offer top-notch legal services, specializing in corporate, commercial, labor, and intellectual property law.

Their secret? Personalized legal solutions that cater to each client’s unique needs. They take the time to understand the specific legal challenges faced by their clients and work closely with them to develop effective strategies that achieve their goals.

Clients rave about their exceptional customer service, praising the firm for their responsiveness, professionalism, and attention to detail. Their lawyers are experts in communicating complex legal concepts clearly and concisely, making it easy for clients to understand the legal issues they face and the options available.

No matter who you are, Tasheel law firm is the firm you can trust. They provide the legal support you need to achieve your goals, whether you are a business owner, an individual, or a government entity.

  • Website:
  • Phone: +966 11 277 7786
  • Address: Abu Bakar Alsiddiq Road, An Nafal, Riyadh 13312, Saudi Arabia.

Al Tamimi & Company

Looking for high-quality legal services in Riyadh? Look no further than Al Tamimi & Company! With over 30 years of experience, they’ve established ourselves as a trusted advisor to clients across various industries. Their team of experienced lawyers offers a broad range of legal services, including corporate law, commercial transactions, and employment law.

They’re experts in their respective fields and have in-depth knowledge of the local legal system, so you can trust them to provide the best possible legal advice and representation.

And they don’t just talk the talk – they’ve been named “Saudi Law Firm of the Year” by Chambers Global in 2020, and they’re known for being one of the most client-focused and best law firms in Riyadh. They’re all about building long-term client relationships based on trust and transparency.

So, if you’re looking for a top-tier law firm committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for you, look no further than Al Tamimi & Company.

  • Website:
  • Phone: +966 1 4169 666
  • Address: Sky Towers, North Tower, 9th Floor, King Fahad Road, Olaya District, Riyadh, SA

Allen & Overy LLP

Get ready to meet Allen & Overy LLP, a top-tier law firm making waves in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. With over 5000 lawyers spread across 44 offices in 31 countries, this firm is all about providing excellent legal services to clients across the globe.

Their Riyadh office is particularly impressive, specializing in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, energy and infrastructure, and dispute resolution. With a team of lawyers who know Saudi Arabian laws inside and out, Allen & Overy LLP can offer tailor-made legal advice to clients operating in the Kingdom.

But what sets this firm apart is its ability to combine local knowledge with global expertise. They’ve got a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape in Riyadh, and they’re fearless in using their international network to offer cross-border legal solutions.

And let’s remember their commitment to innovation! Allen & Overy LLP has invested heavily in technology and digital solutions to enhance its legal services and efficiency. They’re using artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline legal research and document review processes, making life easier for their clients.

Overall, Allen & Overy LLP is one of the well-respected and best law firms in Riyadh that offers clients exceptional legal services and a deep understanding of the local legal environment. Whether you’re operating in Saudi Arabia or beyond, they’ve got you covered.

  • Website:
  • Phone: +966 (0)1460 0066
  • Address: 4th floor, Al-Mada Centre Bld. No. 823, Olaya, King Fahad Road, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dentons in Riyadh

Dentons is a multinational law firm making waves in over 70 countries worldwide. Their presence in Saudi Arabia is strong, with a dedicated office in Riyadh that offers legal services to clients in the area. Dentons is known for its expertise in many areas of law, including corporate, commercial, energy, construction, and dispute resolution.

The skilled lawyers at Dentons’ Riyadh office are well-versed in the local laws and regulations of Saudi Arabia, and they work closely with clients to provide tailored legal solutions that meet their specific needs and objectives. Dentons’ lawyers in Riyadh know the legal, regulatory, and business environment in Saudi Arabia, and they use this knowledge to help clients navigate complex legal issues and reach their goals.

But that’s not all. Dentons is also committed to innovation and technology. They’ve invested heavily in digital tools and platforms that help their lawyers work more efficiently and effectively, and they’ve developed a range of innovative solutions to help clients streamline their legal processes and improve their overall business performance.

Overall, Dentons is a leading law firm in Riyadh that offers a unique combination of legal expertise, innovation, and technology. Their experienced lawyers are dedicated to helping clients succeed in the dynamic and complex business environment of Saudi Arabia.

  • Website:
  • Phone: +966 11 200 8678
  • Address: Level 8 Building، 4.07، Office Unit 3, Riyadh 11525, Saudi Arabia

Hogan Lovells

Hogan Lovells is a global law firm with over 50 offices worldwide, including one in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They’ve been ranked the 8th best law firm in Riyadh, thanks to their dedication to providing top-notch legal services to clients in the region.

Their team of lawyers in Riyadh are experts in various areas of law, including corporate, commercial, litigation, and arbitration. They work closely with clients to understand their needs and provide customized legal solutions that fit their requirements.

What sets Hogan Lovells apart is its global reach and local expertise, making them a trusted advisor to clients in Riyadh and beyond. They deeply understand the legal and regulatory landscape in the region, giving clients valuable insights and advice.

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of Hogan Lovells’ culture. Their workforce comprises diverse backgrounds and cultures, giving them a unique perspective and approach to legal issues.

In short, Hogan Lovells is a leading law firm in Riyadh that’s committed to providing high-quality legal services. With their global reach, local expertise, and focus on diversity and inclusion, they’re well-equipped to help clients navigate the region’s complex legal and regulatory landscape.

  • Website:
  • Phone: +966 11 446 3222
  • Address: 26th Floor Tamkeen Tower, Al Yasmin Area, Riyadh 13325, Saudi Arabia

Jones Day

Jones Day has been the go-to global law firm for clients worldwide for over a century. Their team of experienced lawyers offers a vast range of legal services to help clients achieve their business objectives. In Riyadh, Jones Day is a top-notch law firm, ranking 9th on the list of the city’s best.

They specialize in corporate law, litigation, arbitration, and intellectual property. Clients can be assured they’re in good hands with their commitment to providing high-quality legal advice and representation. Jones Day’s presence in Riyadh means they’re perfectly positioned to serve clients in the region and beyond.

  • Website:
  • Phone: +966 11 252 8700
  • Address: Pavillion, Office 27C، Basteen Ave, Al Diriyah Al Jadidah، King Khalid Branch Rd, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Yasser Al-Mohaimeed Law Firm

Looking for a reputable law firm in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia? Look no further than Yasser Al-Mohaimeed Law Firm! They’re known for their exceptional legal services and expertise in corporate, commercial, and intellectual property law.

Their team of experienced lawyers are committed to providing high-quality legal services and knows local and international laws like the back of their hand.

Their personalized approach to legal solutions sets Yasser Al-Mohaimeed Law Firm apart. They work closely with clients to ensure their needs are met. Their professionalism, integrity, and commitment to excellence have earned them a strong reputation.

If you’re looking for a leading law firm in Riyadh, Yasser Al-Mohaimeed Law Firm is the one to call. They’re dedicated to providing exceptional legal services and putting their clients first.

  • Website:
  • Phone: + 966-11-4053274
  • Address: Pavillion, Office 27C، Basteen Ave, Al Diriyah Al Jadidah، King Khalid Branch Rd, Riyadh Saudi Arabia


In conclusion, whether it’s Sahal Law Firm’s unrelenting commitment to client success, Newton Law Group’s international expertise, or the diverse range of services offered by the other best law firms in Riyadh, you can rely on their excellence, professionalism, and dedication to providing the highest quality legal services.

Navigating the legal landscape in Riyadh has never been easier with this comprehensive guide to the best law firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Choosing one of these top-tier firms ensures that your legal needs are met with the utmost care and expertise.

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