Top 10 best food delivery apps in Saudi Arabia

Now you don’t need to move an inch to get your favorite food delivered to your office or home as you can order it online through food delivery apps. Here is the list of the top 20 best food delivery applications in Saudi Arabia.

Top 10 best food delivery apps in Saudi Arabia

Top/best food delivery apps in Saudi Arabia

1- Careem Now.

2- Daeem Delivery.

3- Foodboy.

4- Hunger Station.

5- Izhalha.

6- Jahez.

7- Mrsool.

8- Nana.

9- Ngwah.

10- Shadda.

11- Shgardi.

12- Sprent.

13- Talabat.

14- The Chefz.

15- ToYou – use the code “LISA” at checkout to get 90% off on the delivery fee.

16- Tmmmt.

17- Uber Eats.

18- Wassel.

19- Walem.

20- Zad.

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