Top 8 Words which you should never use in your CV

A professionally drafted CV could be the difference between selection and rejection of Job. Here are a few words you should totally avoid;

1-Perfectionist: This just might be the worst of them all, mainly due to the fact that some people believe that it is a safe way of describing themselves. This, however, is not the case.

  • If you are applying for a job that will make you think strategically and in long term, you cannot give the impression that you are a micromanager.
  • Even in those positions which require great attention to detail, calling yourself a perfectionist may just give out an obsessive vibe rather than a focused one.

2-Multi-Tasking: Most people don’t actually Multi-Task. They are actually really fast at swapping between various tasks. Though it may make you sound productive it can also make you seem distracted.

It is better to showcase various tasks that you had undertaken in your previous jobs.

3-Hard Working: This is just too obvious to omit from your cv. Who would want to hire an employee who was not hardworking? The statements that you have made about your skills and abilities should also be quantifiable.  It is a completely redundant phrase.

4-Enthusiastic and Passionate: Rather than just stating, show what you care about by listing all of them in the Voluntary section of the CV.

Especially avoid writing these two words if you do not have anything to back it up. The absence of passion and enthusiasm will strike the recruiter and your boss immediately.

5-Track Record: This simple error is a case of a phrase just being tired or used too much. An alternative for the word would be reliable or performance.

A better way of establishing a track record is by giving examples and even statistics if possible. Rather than listing responsibilities, list your achievements.

6-References are available upon request: When you come to think about it, checking your references is one of the very last things that any employer will do before hiring you.

Do not waste any of your precious space on the CV in order to tell the employers that they can get a reference upon their request, as they already know that.

7-Salary is Negotiable: Similar to the references, an employer knows that there can be a salary negotiation. This is particularly true whenever the job advert has stated “Depending on experience” in it. leave this unnecessary phrase off your CV.

8-Team player who also works well individually: Avoid this and remember “show them, don’t tell them”. Rather than simply saying that you are a solo and team player, show it by showing them examples in your past work.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.