Top 8 Theme Parks/Amusement Parks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

With the summer season almost over, there is no better way to utilize the last few days of summer than to visit your favorite amusement park. There are new additions to the rides which are featured during the summer months in the amusement parks and draw a huge crowd every summer season. Here are the top amusement parks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

1-Al Shallal Theme Park – Jeddah: The Al Shallal Theme Park receives well over a million visitors per year, and that alone can give you a solid idea of how popular the Al Shallal Theme Park really is. It is located on the beautiful Jeddah Corniche.[irp]

Al Shallal really has it all, and for everyone. The food options at Al Shallal are also so good that you might just visit particularly for the food. Recommended: Al Shallal Theme Park – The best theme park in Jeddah

2-Al Kar Tourist Village – Hada: The village is located in the foothills of a mountain located near the city of Taif. It is renowned for the cable car ride that carries visitors to the top of the mountain and back to the amusement park located in the flatlands below. Recommended: Taif Water Park – a hidden treasure for Family Entertainment in Saudi Arabia

3-Al Barajon Amusement Park – Riyadh: The older fashioned amusement park is a perfect fixture in the conventional Saudi amusement parks. The rides are mainly aimed towards the children and have economical entry tickets along with some options for food.

4-King Fahd Park – Dammam: The King Fahd Park is one of the most popular amusement parks in the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Probably the most famous ride at the park is the iconic cobra. Some of the rides also offer riders breathtaking views of Dammam from great heights

5-Jungle Land – Jeddah: Jungle Land is a true theme park as visitors can walk through the Jungle Land as if they are on a movie set which has been set in the African Jungles. You can even hear various animal noises which give the entire place a safari vibe.

6-Al Hokair – Dammam: This amusement park is one part of the giants of Arabian amusement, the Hokair Group. The amusement park offers cool rides which are built like the flagship rides across other Al Hokair amusement parks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Go Karting track is the biggest attraction for youngsters in all of Dammam.

7-Al Hokair Land – Riyadh: This amusement park is located in the capital of the Kingdom and is fitted with numerous rides, entertainment options, and eateries. This park has reserved a few days only for females which give it an advantage over other amusement parks in the Kingdom.

8-Atallah Happy Land Park – Jeddah: Atallah Happy Land Park can just not be left out of this list. Atallah is one of the pioneers of amusement parks in the Kingdom and has set the standards for all other amusement parks in Saudi Arabia. If you like heights, then this is where you should be.

Source: Destination KSA

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