7 Secrets of Expats living in Saudi Arabia

There are some secrets of expats living in Saudi Arabia that they don’t reveal to anyone.

They spend less and send more

Well, most of the expats here are breadwinners to their families. The whole family relies on their income. These expats would save each Riyal to send the most out to the families back home.

Most have little or no saving

Most expats are left with no savings by the end of the month. The reasons might be the low-paid jobs they are hired at.

They are bank to their families

I have noticed many expats ignoring calls from their homes as they know it is a call for money. The families rely on the expat’s earnings, and in case they need any financial help, they would readily ask the expat for use.

It’s all about money

The expats are under such pressure to send back money that they often run into debt. Many expats fall into the trap of credit cards and end up taking loans.

They need not only to fulfill their expense but also have a burden on their families. Most expats find it hard to meet their ends for this very reason.

They are worried about their future

The expats spend their youth here to care for their family and elders. They are investing their time and effort to meet the ends. However, one thing always pinches them: who will care for them?

It is not easy to live abroad

The expats are working tirelessly day and night. Living abroad is not easy for them at all. They wish they could return and live with their family and old friends.

Can’t afford sickness

The expats are working overtime to make more money. They barely have health insurance and cannot afford to fall sick. If they do, they are just stepping towards ruin.

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