Top 6 Most Popular Trekking Spots in Saudi Arabia

Most people hold a belief that natural beauty resides in scenery which is rich in greenery. People love to visit places where streams are flowing and where the land is carpeted with thick green grass and the atmosphere has a scent of blossomed flowers.

While it is believed that Saudi Arabia is a barren land, a desert with no scenic beauty. The Kingdom is blessed with such geography that is worth visiting and exploring. It has been blessed with mountain ranges and peaks, valleys bestowed with beauty and desert that attracts treks![irp]

Trekking is basically a long on-foot journey in mountainous areas. The environment is usually harsh and challenging while there is usually lack of transportation available. Treks choose a place whose beauty is to be explored by traveling on-foot rather than having a glimpse of it from the sky or just taking a view through the window of your vehicle.

While the non-river land may not be a place for waterboarding or water diving, it might not be placed for skiing but it is definitely a great place for trekking. In fact, there are 6 places a trek must visit to experience the raw beauty.

1-Jabal Abyad and Jabal Bayda: While very few know that Saudi Arabia has volcanoes and lava fields to its west. The Harrat Khyber, which lies in the north of Madina at a distance of 130 km, possesses many white and black volcanoes. 

Both Jabal Abyad and Jabal Bayda are the white volcanoes that must be explored through trekking.

2-Edge of the World: The eye-catching sight “edge of the world” is a steep cliff of Tuwaiq Escarpments which is located at a distance of 96km northwest of Riyadh. The deep steep edges, exciting panoramic view, and no fences are what make it a great place for treks.

3-Rijal Alma: It is also known as the magnet for nature lovers and one can definitely undergo the feel of visiting the most beautiful place in the world when walking around it.

The stone beauty is heavily built from the local stone and is predominantly a cultural heritage of the Kingdom. It is located at a distance of about 45 kilometers west of Abha. It also called the Stone Village.

4-Jabal Dakha: This beauty is located in Ash Shafa village and is the highest mountain of Taif. One can experience a great weather while reaching the top of it. In order to have a smooth journey, one might take a road that will lead towards the peak (very high, but not the peak).

5-Wahba Crater: One of the marvels of nature, Wahba Crater is 250 km away from Taif.  Al Wahba Crater is 250 m deep and has a diameter of 2 km. The bottom of the crater is shiny white as it is covered with crystals of sodium phosphate. It is a destiny that treks can’t miss!

6-Jabal Baloum: Jabal Baloum is the highest peak of Tuwaiq Range. On reaching its top, one can be amazed by the view of the beautiful valleys that are surrounding the mountain. It is an easy trekking spot as per its soft pebbles.

The nearby graffiti rock which is a symbol of ancient rock art is also the center of attraction for those who take a trip to Jabal Baloum.

Source: Destination KSA

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