Top 6 English Language courses in Jeddah

Here are the best and most reliable academies and institutes that provide English language courses in Jeddah.

The British Council

The British Council is the most famous English language institute in Jeddah as they also conduct courses for IELTS. The only disadvantage is that they charge a very high amount of fees.

  • British Council Location.
  • British Council contact: 920003668.

Wall Street English

Wall Street English is probably the second best institute providing English language courses in Jeddah. They have separate campuses for men and women.

The interior, the exterior, the teachers, and the environment at the institute are more than amazing. People who take their courses provide very positive feedback on different social media channels.

Wall Street English language course in Jeddah

Berlitz Language Center

Berlitz is another famous English language institute or academy providing courses in Jeddah. They are a well-known name in the field.

  • Berlitz Language Center Location.
  • Berlitz Contact: 0126545960.

Berlitz Language Center Jeddah

Proleaders Institute

If you want to improve your English Proleaders institute is the place for you. Well-trained instructors, who would love to help their students. Strongly recommend it to everyone.

Knowledge Edifice Institute

Knowledge Edifice Institute is a wonderful institute, with competent teachers which offers one of the best English language courses in Jeddah.

  • Knowledge Edifice Institute location.
  • Knowledge Edifice Contact: 059-1799917.

Knowledge Edifice Institute

Perfect Start Language Institute

If you are looking for a perfect start to learning English, Perfect Start Language Institute is the right place for you. The environment is learning-friendly, the learning materials are up to standard, the students are friendly and resourceful, and the teachers are excellent.

You will feel the ease and fun in learning as you move through levels at Perfect Start Language Institute. English has four aspects: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Perfect Start consolidates all these aspects using its simplistic style which enables perfect dissemination of information.

  • Perfect Start Language Institute Location.

Perfect Start Language Institute

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