Top 5 best job websites in Saudi Arabia

If you are looking for a job in Saudi Arabia, make sure to apply online on the top 5 best job websites to get a better response. You can try other sites too but these 5 are a must.

These jobs websites allow you to find jobs exactly according to your skillset and your demands. It is important to visit all of these sites as no one platform can provide all the job listings. prides itself on being one of the most extensive and detailed job searching websites in Saudi Arabia. Even I would admit to this that has more opportunities and listings than its competitors combined.

This site provides an easy way to apply for fresh job listings in Saudi Arabia that saves time and effort. - best job websites in Saudi Arabia


LinkedIn by far is the most effective and the most responsive website for professionals looking for a job in Saudi Arabia. You need to make a professional profile on LinkedIn, build your connection, and apply for a  job whenever possible.

The majority of professionals are on LinkedIn with their professional profiles and they post jobs whenever they need someone. You get to know about these jobs if you are following them on the site.

LinkedIn - best website for jobs in saudi arabia is a classified website where people post the things they want to buy and sell. There is a separate category where people post about jobs on this website.

If you are looking for a lower-level job in Saudi Arabia such as a driver, plumber, housemaid, technician, probably this is the best website to apply for jobs. - best job sites in saudi arabia


NaukriGulf is one of the most underrated yet effective websites to look for a job in Saudi Arabia. As of today when I am writing this thread, there are 8,500 Saudi jobs listed on this website.

If you are desperately looking for a job, do not miss this opportunity and keep applying on as well. - best job website in Saudi Arabia

Gulf Talent is another very effective and responsive website for those looking for a job in Saudi Arabia. Although GulfTalent is listing down around 1350 jobs as of the day of writing this article, you should look at the level of those jobs.


In my opinion, every expat looking for a job in KSA should take this site seriously. There are some other sites too where you can try your luck;

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