5 Best International Schools in Madina

With increasing education awareness among expats and Saudis, people want to enroll their children in Madina’s best yet economical international schools. Perhaps this is the requirement for the time as the competition in the job market has been increasing tremendously.

Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of Madina’s top 5 best international schools where Indians, Pakistanis, and other expats send their children.

  1. Al Aqeeq International School

One of the Pakistani-based international schools, affiliated with the Federal Board of Pakistan and stretches over until 12th grade, is one of the most renowned schools of Madinah. It has four buildings within the city of Madinah.

Al Aqeeq International School Madina

  1. King Abdulaziz Model School

King Abdul Aziz Model School is another prestigious and one of the best international schools in Madina. It offers quality education to its students.

King Abdulaziz Model School in Madina

  1. Manarat International School

Manarat International School has a good reputation among Madina’s best international schools; therefore, many Arab, Indian, and Pakistani children are admitted here. The school has excellent success stories, and the kids enrolled have achieved a lot in academics.

  • Manarat International School Location.

Manarat International School in Madina

  1. Ideal KG international school

Ideal KG International School is one of the best international schools in Madina. The coursework is evenly divided here. As the name suggests, the school merely focuses on kindergarten students. A lot of attention is given to extracurricular activities that boost the kids’ capacities.


  1. Al Watan School

Al Watan School is another good school in Madina. Parents have also shared their positive reviews about the school on social media.


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