Top 4 Cities with Highest Salaries in Saudi Arabia

Cities of a country are different in many respects: they may be part of the same country nevertheless they are different. Cities vary according to their landscape, weather conditions, living styles and many other aspects. Some cities are more developed than others.

Some cities are bestowed with natural bounties while others aren’t.  There are cities where the cost of living is higher as compared to others and then there are cities where salaries paid are higher when compared to other cities.

There are indeed divergent features of cities of the same country, yet people are most interested to know the cities that offer high pay. Not only national but expats try to settle in cities which are given away high wages to their employees.

The Metropolitan and developed cities assure higher pay scale than villages and small towns. However, living in such cities is expensive.

The cost of living is high in cities which are developed. You may find the city with a high salary, but we do not guarantee high savings in such cities: you might be earning high here but saving less.

The reason is that in most developed cities the cost of living is high: so when your expenditures rise, your savings do fall. This very article will let you know about the Top 4 Cities with Highest Salaries in Saudi Arabia.

The findings have been based on the research of Their study has analyzed median annual salaries of various cities of the Kingdom.

Earnings are usually discussed in median salaries. Median salary depicts that half of the people earn more than the value indicated while half earn less than it. According to the study of,  here are those four cities where employees are paid the most.

1-Riyadh: Topping the chart is the Kingdom’s capital Riyadh. Well for most countries the capital is designated to spell out highest salaries. The median salary paid to employees in Riyadh is Saudi Riyals 82,373 per year.

2-AL Khobar: Al Khobar is one of the cities of Damman metropolitan area. This area is the third largest metropolitan area of the Kingdom. Al Khobar resides on the coast of Persian Gulf.

The median annual salary of Al Khobar is Saudi Riyal 80,656 which makes it the second city of the Kingdom with the highest salary after Riyadh.

3-Jeddah: The largest city of Makkah, Jeddah is one of the major urban hubs of western Saudi Arabia. The median salary that city pays to its employees about Saudi Riyals 77,242 per annum.

4-Dammam: Lingering fourth on our chart is the largest city of Eastern province, Dammam. Dammam is part of Dammam metropolitan area. It is an important administrative center for the Saudi oil industry.

It is located near to Al Khobar but the median salaries are much different. The annual salary of Dammam is Saudi Riyals 59,236.

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