List of 18 countries that boycott Israel

The boycott of Israel is a collective boycott by many countries mostly Arab states. Besides Arabs, Asian countries are involved too. There are top 18 countries that reject or don't consider passports from Israel. We have given the list of countries that boycott Israel below.

1-Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia is a charter member of the Arab league. The Kingdom supported Palestinians many times. They don’t have any official formal relation with Israel. Its citizens are not allowed to travel to Israel. In other words, it is on the top of the list of countries that boycott Israel. Recommended: What is the actual conflict between Israel and Palestine?

2-Pakistan: It is mentioned in Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s passport that this passport is valid for all countries of the world except Israel. Pakistan is among those UN member countries which do not consider Israel as an independent state since its establishment. Pakistan is also a leading member in the list of countries that boycott Israel.

3-Bangladesh: Bangladesh is also among UN member countries which still do not recognize the existence of Israel. Bangladesh officially bans its citizens traveling to Israel. Bangladesh supports a sovereign Palestinian state and does not support Israel's illegal possession of Palestine.

4-QATAR:  Israel’s passport is not applicable within Qatar boundaries. Also, Israel and Qatar do not have any current diplomatic relations.

5-Algeria: Algeria doesn't accept entry to any citizen holding a passport of Israel. Also, Algeria doesn't entertain visa stamp of Israel in the passport.

6-United Arab Emirates: UAE has no formal diplomatic relation with Israel nor is the passport application in Emirates boundaries. The UAE is also a leading member in the list of countries that boycott Israel.

7-YEMEN: The relations between Israel and Yemen are very tense. Israeli stamps or any other indication of a connection with Israel is not applicable in Yemen.

8-IRAN: The diplomatic official relationship between Israel and Iran is highly painful and extremely week. Currently, the two states are considered as a deep root enemy of each other.

9-IRAQ: Iraq also has no formal diplomatic relations. It did not ever declare Israel as an established Jewish state so the two states are never friendly.

10-LIBYA: Libya also lacks diplomatic formal relations with Israel. Israeli passport’s admission is refused in Libya boundaries.

11-SUDAN: Sudan is one of the top 18 countries of Arab league who declared that its relation with Israel can never be normalized.

12-KUWAIT: The State of Kuwait refuses entry to anyone having a passport issued by Israel or any kind of document which is needed for traveling to the State of Israel.

13-SYRIA: Syria never recognized the establishment of Israel and does not accept their passports into Syrian boundaries. Israel and Syria both are considered as enemies. Usually, Syria prohibits its citizens to go to Israel.

14-LEBANON: Israeli citizens or any other person who possess passport bearing stamps, visas, or seals issued by Israel are strictly not permitted in Lebanon. They may also be subjected to arrest or in the state of captivity for further inspection.

15-BRUNEI: Brunei also doesn’t have cultural social, economic, diplomatic relations with Israel. Brunei does not accept Israeli passport or any stamp.

16-OMAN: Although Oman has minimal relation terms with Israel, as occasionally Israelis can enter just as a tourist to Oman. Economic cooperation between Israel and Oman is not significant too.

17-MALAYSIA: Israel and Malaysia both states do not carry any formal diplomatic relations. Admissions are refused of Israeli passports unless holding a letter of approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

18-DJIBOUTI: Djibouti is also included among those 18 countries that refused the admission of Israelis within its boundaries.

Source: Wikipedia

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