Top 15 Most Expensive Materials in the World – Gold being the cheapest

Most Expensive Metals in the World: Gold is a precious metal and most of us believe it to be the most expensive one. For instance, if we need to refer to a child belonging to a rich family, we use the phrase “he/she was born with a spoon of gold in their mouth”. See we do think that Gold is extremely expensive, and no doubt it is.

Gold is the Cheapest: But to our surprise, there are materials that are, even more, let’s say way too more expensive than gold. So, here we have a list of those 15 Most Expensive Materials in the World. Gold would be making the part of this list but at the end of it! We have also covered the Most Expensive Liquids earlier.

15-Gold: Here comes the Gold! It is a precious metal with a great many qualities. It is famously used in jewelry and can cost about $40 per gram.

14-Rhodium — $58 per gram: It is an extremely rare material that belongs to the family of Platinum. Per gram of it can cost $58.

13-Platinum: The high-quality material shows great resistance towards acids and alkaline.  Platinum is a bit expensive than gold. The silver colored material is sold at a price of $60 per gram.

12-Methamphetamine: The expensive material can be obtained at $100 per gram, yet the law has prohibited its use.

11-Rhinoceros horn: The animal is being extinct because they are hunted down for their horn. The horn is of great value. It is used as knife handle and other fancy stuff. It costs about $110 per gram.

10-Heroin: The expensive drug which is obtained through a difficult procedure costs about $130 per gram.

9-Cocaine: The very famous drug Cocaine is quite expensive. A gram of it costs about $ 236. It comes in crystal powdered form which has a white color. Even though its intake is dangerous, but the expensive drug is always high in demand!

8-LSD: It is a drug whose production is quite tough. It is a psychoactive narcotic substance which costs about $3000 per gram.

7-Plutonium: The silver colored metal, Plutonium, is a heavy and useful material. It is used in producing nuclear weapons as well as a fuel for spacecraft.

One gram of this radioactive material costs about $4000. It is a sensitive material that is to be handled with care.

6-Painite: One of the rarest stones on the Earth is Painite. It is so rare that most of us are not aware of it. The world possesses it in a few hundred. A gram of it will cost you no less than $9,000.

5-Taaffeite: The stone that comes in four colors: pink, red, white and violet is the world’s 5th most expensive material.

To get a gram of it you should be having with you $20,000. The stone is also known as legendary as it is a rare one. It is greatly rare than diamonds.

4-Tritium: It is a gas mostly used for lighting purposes. The expensive gas can cost you as much as $30,000 per gram. According to study, production of the gas is very expensive. One pound of tritium production costs $15 million.

3-Diamond: Ladies favorite “diamonds” made to the world’s most expensive materials as well. A gram of beautiful eye-catching crystal shall cost not less than $55,000.

2-Californium: One gram of the world’s most expensive chemical element shall cost you in between $25 million to $ 27 million. It was discovered in 1950. Since then it has been synthesized only once.

1-Antimatter: I guess most of us are even not aware of this substance. But the fact is that Antimatter is the world’s most expensive material. One gram of this substance can cost $62.5 trillion.

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