Top 10 Restaurants in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Jeddah is a great food hub, for cuisines ranging from Japan to Mexico and everything in between can be found in the city of Jeddah. There are several exemplary restaurants in Jeddah that offer the world-class food and services.”

Not all of them are however known to the public and run through word of mouth and several loyal customers. Whether economic, high end or an old establishment, we have everything covered in the list we have prepared for you below.

Sometimes these restaurants are in popular areas and people may have driven right past it, without ever trying it out. Some may be in alleyways where you may have never been before.

1-Khulaqi: While the city of Jeddah does not have a shortage of eateries that offer mandi, Ghulaqi offers foodies such a delicious Mandi and Huaraches food.

The restaurant has been serving their impeccable Mandi for 40 years. Khulaqi is located near Bab Makkah.

2-BBQ Tonight: Located in the food court of the Flamingo Mall, BBQ Tonight has an entire dining section dedicated to it. BBQ Tonight only has a buffet and no a la carte menu.

The food here is however unlike any other place in Jeddah. The favorites here are Reshmi Kebab and Chicken Shashlik. The popularity of BBQ Tonight is rising rapidly.

3-Asia Restaurant: Located in the calm Sary Street, the Asia Restaurant has been functioning and serving some of the best food in the city for quite some time now and has a sizeable number of regular visitors.

Asia Restaurant is renowned for their Thai food, which is hailed as being the best in the entire city. Be sure to visit the place at least once. It is one of the best places to take your family for dinner when you are craving Thai cuisine.

It is situated near to Sari Street and Madina Road intersection.

Jamil’s Restaurant: Although the Jamil’s Restaurant sprung up quite recently on the Restaurant filled Sabaeen Street, the extremely delicious food that is served by them, has caused them to gain a huge loyal customer base.

The idiom “no one can eat just once” is truly applicable here as the food is just out of this world. Though some people might not want to dine in as their sitting arrangement is not that good, a takeaway will do quite well.

5-American Corner: This restaurant is the stereotypical American joint, except the crowd of course. American favorite foods are served here which range from cheesy burgers to steaks and of course the all American hot dog.

The prices are also quite reasonable. The restaurant has a few branches which are located on popular roads, and people might have passed by it numerous times so make sure you stop and check it out next time.

6-Golden Palace: Located right next to Gold’s Gym just off the Tahlia Street, the Golden Palace serves Chinese cuisine which has been tweaked and modified to better suit the Arab palate.

The location right in the heart of Jeddah has an additional bonus; hence there is no reason not to go there.

7-Jahan: All those individuals wanting a taste of authentic Persian cuisine, be sure to visit Jahan. The restaurant is located on the busy Andalus Road and the setting of the restaurant is true to the cuisine they serve.

8-Peruvi: Peruvi brings you mouthwatering cuisine from the land of Peru. Peruvi is a restaurant that is recommended to everyone, however, people planning to go must have some tolerance for spicy food.

Even simple things like grilled are made in a way unlike any other. This local Saudi brand comprises of all the essentials which can one day turn it into an international franchise.

9-Sid Maarib Restaurant: From high-end streets to the malls, authentic Yemeni restaurants are seemingly popping up everywhere nowadays.

The Sid Maarib Restaurant offers authentic Yemeni food in such delicious ways that it is not available in any other Yemeni restaurant or any other restaurant for that matter in the entire city. People usually place a takeaway order.

10-Pizza Company: As the pizza spots and pizzerias are in abundance, the competition is immense in the city. Several of these pizza places, including world-renowned ones too, have been left behind due to the competition.

This pizza company originated in Thailand and has spread their branches to several Asian countries. It is in the Mall of Arabia and Haifa Mall and is a must try for all pizza and food lovers.

11-Naqi Al Harabi: Located in Al Balad, this restaurant has been serving diners with the best Hejazi Kebabs for around half a century. Diners have the luxury of watching the delicious kebabs being made right in front of their eyes from scratch.

Complete from the mincing of the meat to the final cook over the charcoal.

12-Turkish Restaurant: The Turkish cuisine which is prepared and served by real Turkish chefs is truly found at the Turkish Restaurant.

Though there may be many competitors in the market, the Turkish Restaurant is doing a fine job staying above them all with an economical price range and high-end taste.

13-Portofino: It is located on the popular Rawdah Street and is one of the coziest joint ever. There are several truly authentic Italian dishes served at the restaurant, however, no customer should miss out on the pasta as well as the grilled salmon.

Go here to spend some quality time away from everyone, with your friends and family.

14-Jareef Restaurant: Be prepared to be served the best madhabis in the city. This restaurant has been serving quality food for some years now and is in a place which is usually blocked by traffic.

However, people still brave the traffic to enjoy some of the most delicious cuisines in the entire city of Jeddah. All customers should most definitely try their tea as it is prepared to perfection.

Source: Destination KSA

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