Top 10 Travel Destinations from Saudi Arabia

If you are an expat who is currently residing in Saudi Arabia, I have good news for you! Today’s read is a collection that is specifically combined for all those Expats who don’t know well how to utilize their annual vacation leave. Since the expats who work in Saudi Arabia has a lot of workload on their shoulders, they are given an annual 30 paid vacation that gives them plenty of time to wander about and explore much of the world. Saudi Arabia serves to be very cheap when it comes to going and booking up vacation locations. Along with that they have many affordable plans and offers that will not make you think twice. In this article, I have put together a list of the entire top destinations one must visit to get their mind off and spend some quality family time in some of the most beautiful countries and cities. Also, be aware that the cities and countries listed below will be very close from the Kingdom, thus you have no reason to leave this article unread. This will serve as the perfect way to escape and relax you from all the work and re-motivate and re vitalize one’s self. Enjoy!

Malaysia: Malaysia is truly Asia! It is a very popular destination amongst Saudis especially Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi. However, this has so much more things to offer including beautiful displays of architecture around the city, rain forests, wildlife, diving, trekking, and shopping. Malaysia has beautiful temples and the people are known for their courtesy and the delicious food. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for Malaysian Visit Visa from Saudi Arabia.[irp]

Turkey: This is a beautiful city that has uncountable tourist destinations that I have covered earlier along with a complete guide. Amongst my favorite destination and historical places to visit was the Blue Mosque that is a beautiful display of history and culture. Also, Hodja Pasha is a very important part of Turkey that lights up the night with the dances. I think one m\ust visit there. I have shared my experience of visiting Turkey in this link. Recommended: Plan to Visit Istanbul in 3 Days – 13 Must Visit Places in Turkey, Procedure Apply for Turkey visit visa from Saudi Arabia[irp]

Qatar: Since this is a part of the Gulf States, Qatar serves to keep mostly all its traditions alive. What I greatly admire about this country is that it doesn’t care of reshaping their country by putting up lighted up malls or skyscrapers to be in the spotlight. The people here are happy with their museums and cultural villages that are located within. Qatar seems to have some amazing restaurants that offer great views along with the best of food. You will find that much of the old buildings have been restored here thus you will not feel bored even when you’re out for a simple stroll. Also, keep in mind that Qatar has beautiful beaches so mark this country if you need a beach holiday. Recommended: On Arrival Visit Visa of Qatar for Iqama Holders[irp]

Yemen: It is not wrong for one to take into the possibility that Yemen, right now may not be the best place to visit due to the serious security conditions and terrorism. However, of you get the opportunity, make sure you don’t miss out on it at all! The reason behind being is the historical destinations within Yemen. You will be left quiet after admiring the landscape and architecture of the area. Also, you will find the culture and the people to be unique. Recommended: The Beautiful side of Yemen You will never get to know about[irp]

Oman: Oman for me is a country whose people are extremely caring and offer their guests a lot of respect whether they ask for it or not. Their hospitality is uncommendable. Oman like the other Gulf States offers beautiful historical sites that must be visited once they’re in the state. Also, one will surely find sea turtles laying eggs on the beach during the night. The beaches are splendid and can give you the most pleasurable sensation ever. Recommended: 6 Best Places to Visit in Oman[irp]

Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka is a very destination to reach directly from the city of Riyadh. It is a very small island that is located on the Indian Ocean. It has the perfect combination of history, nature, and culture. Again, like Oman it has very friendly people. It may be a very small island but you have a lot of places to visit like tea farms and temples. You must also make sure to enjoy the spicy food and explore the bustling towns on the mountain tops. Sri Lanka is an Island after all so you I don’t have to tell you to make time for the beaches, or do I?[irp]

Jordan: Jordan is another very easily reachable destination from Saudi Arabia. Jordan has such luxurious spas along its beaches that will leave one relaxed just by their look. The highlight of Jordan is the Moven pick Dead Sea Resort and Spa which is constructed and displayed beautifully. This Resort offers delicious food and relaxing treatments. Also, you will find the famous tombs of the Nabatean people found inside the ancient city of Petra. Jordan remains crowded by tourists throughout the year and one has to book around the peak season. Petra has highly recognized because of its mountains all the different colors and different shapes that make the scenery breathtaking. It has plenty of historical locations along with the famous beach, Aqaba.[irp]

Hong Kong: This destination has everything one will ever need. Tourist’s attractions are extremely high here since it offers endless hours of shopping, delicious food, beautiful views and much-applauded functions for the people around the year. This should be made a stop for people who would like to continue their journey to the Far East.[irp]

Tanzania: You’ll find the best Safari experience in Serengeti and Ngoro Ngoro crater. Once you’ll see that during the migration period, this place is magical. Tanzania’s visit would be an absolute waste if you don’t see The Spice Island and Zanzibar that are the top tourist attractions in Tanzania.[irp]

Kuwait: Kuwait is a very undervalued tourist attraction, though it is just an hour away from Riyadh by plane. It seems to me that is it serves as a good get away from Saudi Arabia. Recommended: Procedure to get on Arrival Visa at Kuwait Airport for GCC Residents[irp]

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