Top 10 Tips for Choosing Your Abaya in Saudi Arabia

Abayas are way more famous these days, especially in Arab culture. It is necessary for a woman in Saudi Arabia to wear Abaya while going out even if she is with her Mahram. Expats are not very much familiar that what kind of Abayas they should wear, especially ones who belong to the western culture.

Abaya should be sophisticated enough to meet its purpose of the veil and it should not be too appealing, glittering or eye-catching. Here are a few tips for you if you want to buy a decent Abaya;

01-Keep it simple and sleek: Some women go for color contrast, beats, shiny laces, and eye-catching accessories. The best look it gives when you keep is simple suiting your personality. Don’t match contrasting stripes or stop reading it here and there.

02-Chose decent colors: Colorful Abayas have no harm but the most liked color for Abaya is evergreen black. Some other colors may suit your personality but black colors suit to all occasions whether it is a funeral ceremony or wedding.

2637 Top 10 Tips for Choosing Your Abaya

03-Don’t choose fitted Abayas: Too fitted Abayas don’t meet the purpose of the veil, it also gives you a strange look. People feel judgmental about you especially here in KSA and you may become the topic of commentary for others. Avoid such shear Abayas

04-Be cautious while selecting Fabric: It is very important to choose the right type of stuff for Abaya in each season. Light fabric for summer and a heavier one for winter is suitable. If you will wear the same kind of stuff whole year it may suffocate you. Brown or black Farwa fabric is also suitable for cold weather, strictly avoid it during summers.

05-Tarhas matching: You can match you Tarhas while wearing simple or colored Abayas

2637 Top 10 Tips for Choosing Your Abaya 021

06-Design your own Abaya: There are so many shops where you can buy a stitched and ready-made Abaya. Still, you think that there is nothing that suits your personality; you can design your own. Dakheel is the best place to buy fabrics; after it visits a good tailor and shares the design you have in your mind.

07-The fabric: The rate of fabrics is the same everywhere. If you go anywhere in KSA the market rate for Fabric varies between SR 30 – SR 100 per meter. You should not pay way higher price at any shop for this stuff.

08-Tailors rates are fixed: If you want to get your Abaya stitched the fixed price for Abaya stitching varies between SR 100 to 200. If a tailor is charging more than it, it is overcharging.

2637 Top 10 Tips for Choosing Your Abaya 02

09-Customize your Abaya: If you have bought a stitched Abaya but you are not liking something in it, you can customize it from anywhere by paying a little.

10-Royal mall or Taibah Market are good places for Abaya shopping: You can get a very good Abaya from Royal mall or Taibah. It will cost you between SR 100 to SR 300. If a shopkeeper is charging you even more than it just leaves it, it is not worth it

Source: Destination KSA

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