Top 10 taboo topics to discuss in the Arab World

We have to admit the fact the Taboos tend to exist in every society. However, when it comes to the Arab society, the Arabs love to stick by the taboos that are created by old and baseless cultural norms and wrong interpretation of the religion.

These Taboos create an environment where people are unable to express their choices, beliefs, opinions, and preferences.  Here are the top ten taboos that still exist in the Arab world.

  1. Mental health

Even though the mental health is one of the most important parts of the life which shall be taken very seriously, yet in the Arab world, you would see only a few talking openly about their mental health in public.

In our society someone fighting from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other mental disorders are not considered normal. Such people are judged differently or not taken seriously.  This causes many patients to not to pursue treatment.

  1. Sexual relationships

Sex, which is one of the most natural phenomena is something seen as a taboo in the Arab world. People hesitate to talk about their sexual life. Talking about sexual life is considered somewhat immoral. Yet, luckily, many regions are now fighting for their sexual rights and freedom.

  1. Sex education

Sex education is an important education as all or most adults go through the phenomenon. Yet, in Arab societies, such education is deemed useless and unimportant.

This is why it has remained omitted from the school courses. Sex is such a Taboo in the Arab world that it is considered shameful to spread rightful information on it.

  1. Homosexuality

Instead of talking about homosexuality and creating awareness over it, the Arab society marks it as a Taboo and asks people to remain silent. These topics are not something that shall not be touched, rather they are one we shall be made aware of.

  1. Atheism

While we are in the 21st century, we still believe religion is not something personal. Opting not to believe in God, Atheism is something that is choice of individuals. However, in Arab societies it is deemed as a crime and an atheist can even face imprisonment!

  1. Women independence

It is sad to see that Arab societies take women freedom as a taboo. Imposing prohibitions for females is the favorite task for many. Women are dictated what to wear, when to go, with whom to be friends with, when to get married and all!

  1. Living with disabilities/illnesses

Those who are living in illness or disabilities are living in misery. Having cancer is a taboo, having AIDs is a taboo, having a disability is a taboo!

  1. Speaking out about abuse, rape, and harassment

Have been bullied? Not talk about it! Have been raped? Keep silent! Have been harassed? Must have been your own fault! This is what our society does when one is made a victim of abuse, rape, and harassment!

  1. Divorce

Struggling in a relationship is much better than living a relaxed life in Arab societies! Divorce is the biggest taboo in our society that tends to make life miserable of those who opt for it!

  1. Racism

Yes, Racism is still a taboo in our society!

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