10 Secrets of Filipinos (OFWs) they don’t tell anyone

You would have noticed that there are many Filipinos around you. Having many Filipino friends, I have realized that they have some secrets which they don’t share with anyone else.

  1. They send 50% of their salary back home

A survey report declared that on average an OFW sends 40-5% of his salary home. With the remaining salary, they only meet their monthly expenses such as food, transport, accommodation, etc.

  1. OFWs have low savings

Among the significant number of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), only a few have the motivation to save money for the future or business. Only 13% of OFW send their savings home.

  1. Everyone needs help from OFWs

People back at home consider OFW a bank! They would readily ask them for financial help. People at their home consider that an OFW is earning a lot and thereby shall give them a helping hand.

They also seek favors, gifts, and aid. Many OFW ignore calls from their home country as they know demands would pop out!

  1. Financial Difficulties

Even though an OFW enjoys a higher salary abroad than in the home country but people should understand that living abroad is costly.  Financial aid demands from home cause OFW to fall in debt or in the credit card trap!

  1. Who will look after OFW?

With everyone having eyes on OFW, things become difficult. An OFW sends money back home by cutting off his/her savings and by hardly enjoying life. 

Now when an OFW returns home at an age where he can’t work, he has nothing to rely on! Present wasted, future wasted!

  1. The tough life of an OFW

The life of an OFW is not a bed of roses. They find it hard to make ends meet. The post you see on social media is one side of the story. These special and joyful moments are confined to a small group of people.

  1. No Party Time

The great posts you see on social media is in-fact a seldom part of their lives. Once in a blue moon, they would spend money for the sake of their joy. And for that, they work extra hours or undertake a part-time job.

  1. The hope of repaying the debt

18% of OFWs send money home in the hope that their payables are being paid. Yet it is unlikely that their wish come true! Their debts are not being paid as the family back home consumes their funds.

  1. Not have a chance to fall sick

An OFW can’t risk falling ill and not earning. There are many OFWs who would show up for work even in poor health as they do not have sick leave. Most would avoid hospitals or medical treatment in the absence of health insurance. They save every bit of a penny to send money home!

  1. Going home is the ultimate wish

Great pay cannot compensate for the family moments. The OFWs fall homesick and wish they could meet their families and enjoy life with them, yet they know that family needs their aid than their presence!

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