Top 10 Most Transparent (least corrupted) Countries of the World – 2017

Transparency International releases its annual Corruption Perceptions Index every year. This annual report issued by Transparency International for the year 2017 carefully analyzes and ranks out 176 countries based on their corruption rate based on their public sector.

This report is considered very accurate and highly reputable to distinguish one country from the other in terms of their justice and economic development. It is to be observed and noted that there is no country that is marked as 0 which is the most corrupted country.

Similarly, there is also no country that reaches a perfect score of a 100 as being a country with no corruption at all.

The mechanism of the collection of Data: The report summarizes and evaluates data and findings that are collected over a year. The lower the score that is assigned to a country, the most likely there is an indication of bribery and lack of justice.

This also includes levels where there are no actions taken up against the public’s complaints. A country is more likely to crumble if the government fails to exercise on policies that would benefit the citizens of the nation. Hence, crimes rates begin to take a steady rise and affect the country and its reputation as a whole.

Most of the credit is attributed to the power and wisdom of the leader which is responsible for setting out laws and an equally effective government to help implement them successfully.

Developing Countries: This year’s annual report emphasizes greatly on the developing countries such as Brazil, Russia, China, Indonesia, Mexico, India, Nigeria and Turkey which remain below the rank of 46 altogether. Their economies all impose a darker hue on the map that was issued along with the report.

Jose Ugaz, chair of the Transparency International made a sharp comment saying that it is the fast-growing economies and their respective governments who refuse to remain transparent and allow corruption to take its roots.

Great Britain is seen as a uniform country which is under the rule of the Queen. Even so, the United Kingdom does not get a score greater than 82.

Saudi Arabia: The rank of Saudi Arabia in terms of most corrupt countries of the world is 57 improved from the top from 62 of the year 2016. It means there are 56 countries more transparent than Saudi Arabia as per the reports of the Transparent International.

It shows that the progress towards transparency is there. Here are the 10 most transparent countries according to the annual report; followed by their transparency score; Recommended: Top 10 Most Corrupted Countries of the World

2017 RankCountry2017 Score2016 Score2015 Score2014 Score2013 Score2012 Score
1New Zealand899088919190
8United Kingdom828181787674
57Saudi Arabia494652494644

Source: Transparency International

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