Top 10 Most Famous Brands in Saudi Arabia

WhatsApp, which has become one of the highest used instant messaging services inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, along with YouTube, the largest video-sharing website online, has entered the YouGov Brand Index Best Brand Rankings for the first time ever, in 2015. WhatsApp messaging service is the highest debuting new entry and has gone right into the second spot with a score of 38.3 while YouTube is currently standing at 8th position with a score of 31.3. These positions are in the 10 top positively perceived brands according to the residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.[irp]

The entrance of these two new prominent brands is proof of the mobile penetration rates inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is skyrocketing and more and more digital mainstream consumption is happening in the Middle Eastern region as these brands that are digitally based, now make up for around six of the 10 top ranking overall. The YouGov Brand Index is tracking more than 400 brands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is to the date the only daily measurement of the perception of the brand amongst the public in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

These rankings have been created with the use of the Brand Index’s Buzz Score which is essentially calculated by asking around 150 respondents daily if they have heard any positive or negative thing about the brand, in the previous two weeks, through either advertising or word of mouth.

Samsung is leading the way in getting the most positive views amongst the residents of Saudi Arabia, with a score of around 40.7, and has clearly maintained their status at the very top of these rankings inside the Kingdom for consecutively for years in a row.

Apple has however only could hold on to the third position in this list with a score of 36.0, whereas WhatsApp has managed to move Google over to seventh place from second place with a score of 33.3 ever since this time last year. The iPhone of Apple has made a bigger impression than the overall brand, in the minds and hearts of the people of Saudi Arabia, and has managed to climb up to fifth position all the way from the tenth position, with a score of 34.0

Even though there is a huge increase in the dominance of these brands which are digital based, along with the traditional fast food favorite brand known as Al-Baik, known as 34.3, and the dairy brand name is one which is a household name, called AlMarai which has a score of 33.5 and are still holding their ground. Both the brands have climbed to fourth place from fifth and to sixth place from eighth respectively.[irp]

The arrival of YouTube and WhatsApp into the rankings reflects the immense increase in the prominence of the use of mobile phones in this modern day and age. It is also interesting to see how these various brands have been responding as the mobile marketing is continuing.

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