Top 10 Countries with Highest Oil Reserves – 2024

When we see, any topic related to oil reserves of different countries, our minds strike that Saudi Arabia will be on top of the list but surprisingly it is not the fact.

We are going to tell you in detail about the top 10 countries having the largest oil reserves, as shown in the reports of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Total oil reserves in the world are 1.48 trillion barrels.

  1. United States

The first impression while talking about the USA that comes to mind is that they cannot be having oil reserves as it is associated with Middle Eastern countries. The fact is that the USA is on the list of the top 10 countries with oil reserves i.e. 47 Billion Barrels.

1468 Top 10 Countries with Highest Oil Reserves - 2017

  1. Nigeria

It holds oil reserves of 37 Billion Barrels and its total supply is 2,524.1 Thousand barrels per day. The economy of Nigeria depends on a lot of its resources of Hydrocarbon.

The reports of EIA state that lack of stability in the Delta of Niger often damages the development in this sector. However, still, it is in the top 10 countries with oil reserves.

  1. Libya

Oil reserves of Libya are calculated as 48 Billion Barrels with a supply of 1,483 Thousand Barrels per day. Libya holds the largest oil reserves as compared with other African states.

Oil production in Libya was reduced due to the political instability in the country but now it is increasing gradually.

  1. Russia

Oil Reserves of Russia are calculated as 80 Billion Barrels; it has a supply of 10,397 Thousand Barrels per day which makes it one of the top 10 countries with oil reserves. The natural gas reserves of Russia are the largest in the world, it also holds the 2nd largest reserves of coal all over the world.

  1. United Arab Emirates

The UAE has oil reserves of 98 Billion Barrels. It has a supply of 3,213.2 Thousand Barrels per day.  The use of modern techniques and machinery for the recovery of oil continue to add in the production of crude oil. These techniques also extend the life of the aging oil fields of the country.

  1. Kuwait

The country with the world’s strongest currency has the 6th largest oil reserves in the world. The oil reserves are recorded as 102 Billion Barrels and the daily supply is 2,796.8 BPD.

If Kuwait is compared with the other GCC States, it has the 2nd largest oil reserve among them which includes him to the list of top 10 countries with oil reserves.

  1. Iraq

Iraq has oil reserves of 145 Billion Barrels and its supply is 2,986.6 BPD (barrels per day). It is important to know that despite having larger oil reserves, the oil production is reduced because the infrastructure is damaged and the political situation is also not stable.

  1. Iran

The oil reserves of Iran are 209 Billion Barrels and it has a supply of 3,538.4 Thousand Barrels each day. It means that Iran supplies more Oil than Venezuela that has the largest oil reserve in the world, even when the economy of Iran is weak and it is the result of American sanctions imposed on Iran.

1468 Top 10 Countries with Highest Oil Reserves - 2017 02

  1. Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the 2nd largest country with larger oil reserves. Its proven oil reserves are 259 Billion Barrels and it has a supply of 11,545.7 Thousand barrels per day.

Saudi Arabia holds almost 17% of the world’s total oil reserves. It is placed on the top of the list as its world’s largest oil producer and exporter.

  1. Venezuela

Venezuela, situated in South America, is on the top of this list. The proven oil reserves of this country are 304 Billion Barrels. It supplied 2,489.2 Thousand Barrels per day in 2012 as shown in records.

Though this country has larger oil reserves than Saudi Arabia. However, the annual production is considerably less than that of SAUDI ARABIA.

Canada: Canada has the world’s 3rd largest oil reserves i.e. 171 billion barrels but OPEC does not include mined oil sand in its statistics.

Source: International Energy Statistics

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