Top 10 countries with most Handsome Men

A destination dating site, Miss Travel, surveyed over 110,000 Americans to list the top 10 countries with the most handsome men/boys.


The Irish people are strong, always have been, and always will be. According to the Miss Travel survey, Ireland has the most handsome men in the world.

Much like the Scots, there is more to the Irish than drinking. They are noble people who will stand by their partners through thick and thin.

Ireland has the most handsome men in the world


The Australian men are a rugged bunch who will do every manly thing possible as it is what they are programmed to do, and it adds to their hunky persona.

Tourists visiting Australia often say that walking on the streets of this country, you will come across plenty of handsome men as you are attending a fashion show.


Pakistani men are no doubt some of the hunkiest men in the world. The average Pakistani man loves to wear good clothes and to look his best.  Therefore, the Miss Travel survey listed Pakistan as the country with the 3rd most handsome men in the world.

Whenever a Pakistani will head out into public, you better believe that they are looking their best, better than the rest. Some famous sexy men of Pakistan include Imran Khan and Fawad Khan.

Pakistan - a country with the third most handsome men in the world.


American men are perhaps the most diverse type of men in the world. While some may be dressed nicely, polite, and have composure, some do not bother to comb their hair and also decide that it is acceptable to wear socks with sandals or, worse, CROCS and cargo shorts.


England has given us hunks such as Tom Hardy, Jude Law, and Hugh Grant; there isn’t much need to justify the sexiness bestowed upon this country.

The typical English man will be highly composed, well-dressed, and well-spoken. Due to this, the Miss Travel survey listed English men as the 5th most handsome in the world.


Scottish men are well-known for their rough and rugged looks. They are kind, funny, and exciting, yet very expressive. 


Italian men are strong yet sensitive, emotional, intelligent, charming, playful, and gorgeous. Italian men have a unique way about them that seems irresistible to the females.

Not only are they blessed with looks, but they have also been paired with an impeccable dressing sense and fashion taste, making them a country with the 7th most handsome in the world.

Italy a country with the 7thmost handsome men in the world.Nigerian

Nigerian men are the 8th sexiest men in the world. A Nigerian man will always treat their wife as being second in command. They will expect a complete partner who will be by their side.


Danish men seem to be a little timid, which makes them prone to not doing anything that makes a man a man, such as taking an initiative, or such as taking risks, or the thrill of the chase.

Danish men are known to be funny, thoughtful, warm, and respectful. Some people call them the prototype men for the 21st century. According to the Miss Travel survey, Denmark ranks as 9th most handsome men among all countries around the world.

Denmark - country with the 9th most handsome men in the world.


A typical Spaniard will be proud, courteous, enthusiastic, temperamental, tardy, honest, noble, possessive, colorful, passionate, spontaneous, creative, fun-loving, friendly, generous, polite, and cheerful.

Source: India Times

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