Top 10 Countries who are best in Speaking English as a second language

English is the universally understood language in these modern times. In some countries around the world, intelligence or literacy of any individual is judged upon the proficiency of reading, writing and speaking English. Here are the countries with the top English proficiency even though it is their second language;

1-SWEDEN: Sweden has an extremely high English proficiency score of 70.94. Now for three times in a row, Sweden holds the first position on the EF English Proficiency Index list. Sweden is one of the very few countries in the world, where the men speak better English than the women, even though the difference in English proficiency between the genders is minuscule.[irp]

The most recent education reforms in Sweden, including teacher certification for the primary schools as well as making proficiency in English as a requirement for entry into the national humanity programs.

2-NETHERLANDS: Netherlands comes in at number 2 on this EF English Proficiency Index list. Their score on the EF EP INDEX is 70.58

3-DENMARK: Denmark comes in at number 3 on this EF English Proficiency Index. With a very high English proficiency, their score on the Index is 70.05

4-NORWAY: Norway stands at number 4 on this list. With a high proficiency in English, their score on the EF English Proficiency Index came in at 67.83

5-FINLAND: Finland comes in at number 5 on this list with a high proficiency in English. Their score on the EF EP index came in at 65.32

6-SLOVENIA: Slovenia stands at number 6 on this list with a high proficiency in English. Their score came in at 64.97 on the EF English Proficiency Index. The adults in Slovenia have improved their English proficiency quite significantly, having one of the highest scores in Europe over the last two years.

Slovenia has constantly and consistently outperformed their OECD counterparts in various international tests such as PISA or TOEFL. German also has a special status in the national curriculum of Slovenia and almost all the students study English and German.

7-ESTONIA: Estonia comes in at number 7 on this list. Their English proficiency score came in at 63.73. Estonia itself is a multilingual country, with the entirety of the students studying English either as a third or second language.

Those Estonians, who speak Russian, learn Estonian as their primary language and English as their second language. Even though it is one of the least developed countries in Europe, the adult English proficiency of Estonia is ranked higher than the other countries that might have a higher GNI per capita

8-LUXEMBOURG: Luxembourg comes in at number 8 on this list. The English proficiency Index score for Luxembourg came in at 62.95.

9-POLAND: Poland comes in at number 9 on this list. The English Proficiency score for Poland on the English Proficiency Index came in at 63.4

10-AUSTRIA: Austria comes in at number 10 on this list of top 10 countries with highest English Proficiency score. Their score came in at 61.9

20-India: India comes in at number 20 on this list with a proficiency score of 58.21

45-PAKISTAN: Pakistan comes in at number 45 on the list of top 70 countries with the highest English proficiency. Their score on the EF English Proficiency Index score came in at 49.96

68-Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia comes in at number 68 on this list with a very low English proficiency score of 39.93

Source: English Proficiency Index

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