Top 10 Tips to avoid car parking lot crimes

Parking lot crimes are on the rise all around the world and Saudi Arabia is not an exception. Although the overall crime rate in Saudi Arabia is way lower than other countries, still you can follow the below tips to avoid becoming a victim of any parking lot crime;

  1. Close the windows

When you are leaving or exiting your vehicle, be sure that all your windows have been rolled up and all the doors have been locked.

  1. Park it in a bright area

Try your best to park your vehicle in a well-lit or bright area. Whenever it is possible try to back up into a parking space so that you can exit the parking quick and easy.

Try your best to park your vehicle behind or next to any van, bus or any other large vehicle. This will provide cover to your vehicle which would allow anybody to break into your car without being seen or for an attacker to hide and wait for the right moment.

3507 Top 10 Car Parking Tips to avoid becoming a victim of parking lot crimes

  1. Don’t keep your valuables on the seat

Keep any valuables and packages in your vehicle out of sight inside your vehicle, otherwise, somebody might be tempted to break in and steal it.

  1. Brisk Walk from the parking lot

Be alert and have a strong stance. Spend as little time in the parking lot as possible. Remember where you had parked your car and a brisk walk to and from your car. Be completely aware of your surroundings and the surroundings of your car and the parking lot and do not allow yourself to get distracted.

Walk with other people or as a group while heading to the parking lot, especially during night time. You can ask any coworker or friend to accompany you to your car or go together. Try your best to walk in the middle of ramps and aisles rather than just using parking elevators or garage stairs.

  1. Keep one of your hands free

Keep one of your hands free at all times this will give you a great chance to fend off any attacks from an attacker.

  1. Keep your keys ready

You should have your keys ready as soon as you enter the parking lot. It is also a good idea to attach a small whistle to your keychain to signal for help or make noise to scare off an attacker or thief.

If your vehicle has a keyless entry system or an unlocking button, make sure that you only unlock the driver’s door of the vehicle and not all the doors.

  1. Don’t leave your vehicle information on the keychain

Never ever leave any sort of personal information or identity tag on your keychain. In case your key is stolen the thief can find out who you are and where you live.

  1. Check the backseats of your car

Check your car before entering it. Check the back seats and the surrounding area to ensure nobody is waiting for you inside.

  1. Lock all the doors

Once you are seated in your vehicle lock all the doors and leave immediately, do not linger on inside the parking lot. Make a note of any emergency locations such as phone, security, and attendants.

  1. Report all suspicious activities

Always report any sort of suspicious activity to the parking attendants, security and the police to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

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