Top 10 best restaurants to try if you are living in KAUST

Living in KAUST is full of fun. When I say fun, I mean real fun. And there is no fun without great food. Yes, life is tasteless and boring without great, tasty and tempting food. Living in KAUST is fun mainly because you can give a treat to your taste buds whenever you want!

There are these great many restaurants available there that provide a variety of great food. Most of these restaurants not only facilitate one with taking away service (in case one needs to eat later) but also with home delivery (so yes, food comes walking towards you at your place!)  Here are those best restaurants that one needs to try at KAUST:

1-Restaurants at discovery square: The KAUST town center is equipped with following delicious food hubs:

  1. smiley fruits give your taste buds a treat with salads, juices, and ice creams.
  2. Burger King: where quality burgers are made
  3. Al Noor: A Saudi restaurant with all traditional food
  4. Sub Shop: a great sandwich bar
  5. Baskin Robbins taste it to know about it! It is a great sundae bar with lots many ice-creams
  6. Pizza Inn
  7. Shoro: tasty shawarmas are served here.
  8. Coffee bean

2-Rohin: The Japanese restaurant is located at the harbor.

3-10th hole restaurant: the restaurant is located at the Safaa gold Club. It has a lavish menu and serves some great quality international themed food. Enjoy great food there along with the great sitting arrangements.

4-Al Masra Restaurant: an international restaurant at the Marina.

5-Harbor club: some great and healthy food is served here. Having breakfast there is a great option. They also serve grilled food and vegetables.

6-Island Recreation Club: This is the best restaurant. Variety of food is served here ranging from pasta, ice-cream, wraps, salads, burgers and much more. The view there is mesmerizing and unique!

7-University Campus restaurants: You can get some of the best coffees and snacks at the university campus. There is also a diner that is equipped with a salad bar, a dessert bar, a pasta corner, a stir fry-work station and a cabinet that serves some special dishes on daily basis. You can also grab a bowl of soup there along with some grilled chicken and salmon.

8-The racquet club:  they serve great Asian food and one has to try sushi there!

And that’s it, folks! Hope you guys got an idea that KAUST is more than fun. Living here can be a treat every day. Enjoy food and enjoy your life!

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.