9 Tips to Live in Saudi Arabia as a Non-Muslim Expatriate

After looking at this image, what comes in our minds is that, for a non-Muslim, living in Saudi Arabia, must be difficult. It is taken in a negative way, and mostly it is assumed that Muslims torture or make difficult for them to live in their country but that’s not the case.

The two beliefs are very different as Muslims believe in Allah and have strong faith in Him. They follow the commands given by him and put all their trust in this belief for their guidance in every aspect of life. 

Those Non-Muslims, first, should clear up their minds against Muslims and all negative thoughts should be washed out. Muslims are peace loving people; they are friendly and always welcoming no matter if it’s a Non-Muslim even. They should feel safe and privileged to live among such kind people avoiding few extremists.

1-There is a small fraction of individuals known as extremists that are less open-minded and may make the lives of Non-Muslims difficult by physically or verbally attacking them. These Non-Muslims should beware that these radical Muslims are only a few thousands in numbers whereas the total Muslim population in the World is around 1.5 billion.

2-Always consider the facts and figures before moving into Saudi Arabia. Search whether the other Non-Muslims already living in Saudi Arabia are safe and satisfied or not. Don't just Google it, ask someone who is already living in Saudi Arabia.

3-Don’t provoke the individuals around you. Living freely does not mean you favor your religion in front of Muslims and discuss the differences and try to prove them wrong. Respect Muslims and their beliefs and if you want to discuss the topic participate in open debates with people who are interested. Do not force others.

4-Respect the month of Ramadan. Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan from dawn to dust. Drinking or Smoking in Public during Ramadan is considered highly unethical and in fact, can lead to job termination and jail.

5-Write out your experiences and stories and different situations you faced so that the world knows how safe Saudi Arabia is for the Non-Muslim people.

6-Don’t be judgmental. Dress up to mingle and merge with them. Be tolerant and do friendship with the locals, either join social clubs or sports groups. Accept the customs and differences and don’t argue. Maintain good relations with them

7-Whatever you do, you will get it in return. Yes! Do good with them, act fair and honest and you will be given the same kind of treatment in return. This does not mean being honest in religion and provoking the differences instead do not cheat in business and refrain from frauds. Don’t expect anything in return, this will surprise you.

8-If you have a dog, respect the Muslim belief and keep them away as they are regarded as unclean. Wear gloves while carrying them. Some extremists killed these individuals due to this fact.

9-Christianity and Islam are very close and resemble a lot. The Jews as well are in this league because all of them follow a book and have faith in similar beliefs.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.