6 tips to Buy Gold jewelry in Saudi Arabia

The gold 🧈 bought from Saudi Arabia is believed to be pure. Is gold cheap in Saudi Arabia? We have given some tips for buying gold jewelry.

Check the Gold Price

The price of Gold fluctuates and varies a lot in Saudi Arabia as well as around the world. The price varies depending upon the quality of the gold and the place where you are purchasing it from. Understanding current gold prices and how they are affected by market conditions is essential in order to be successful with deal-making techniques when it comes to gold trading.

The gold bought from Saudi Arabia is not cheaper than India, Pakistan, or any other country. However, you will get a high purity of gold if you buy it from KSA. Always check the gold price before visiting the market.

tips to Buy Gold jewelry in Saudi Arabia

Buy it from the Gold Market

If you want to buy pure Saudi gold, make sure you buy it from a well-known gold market. In other words, you should prefer the shops in the gold market to one standalone shop in a shopping mall.

Understand the Quality

Understand the calculations of karat and its effect on prices when the rate fluctuates as the quality of gold is measured in Karats. The purest form of gold is 24 karats.

The higher the karat the more expensive it is, so most gold ornaments are made of 18, 20, or 22-karat gold.

There are special marks on the inside of the gold jewelry or piece usually indicating the weight or karat, for example, 18k indicates 18 karats. 

Gold Quality in Saudi Arabia

Buy Heavy Jewelry

Out of all the tips for buying gold jewelry, the best tip is to buy heavy gold sets. Thick bangles and ring circumference help maintain the durability and prevent bending, keeping it in a firm shape.

Gold weight machines are always present in shops; use them to make sure of the weight.

tips to Buy Gold jewelry in Saudi Arabia

Making Charges for Gold

Different gold shops have different making charges for gold jewelry in Saudi Arabia. However, the higher the weight of the gold jewelry, the lower the charges would be.

For example, the charges on a 7-gram bracelet could be 5% while the labor cost on a 100-gram necklace would be only 2%.

Making Charges for Gold in Saudi Arabia

Take the Invoice

Although they say that the Gold is not refundable after you buy it, Saudi markets accept a refund if you bring it due to a valid reason within a day or two such as poor quality, breakage, etc.

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