Some Useful Tips to start conversation with a Saudi Girl

In a previous article, we have discussed many useful tips for expat people to start a conversation with a Saudi. Here we are discussing how Expats can have the ice broken and get the chit chat started with Saudi girl.  Whether an Expat is meeting a Saudi girl within or outside of the Saudi Arabia these tips will prove to be useful. Firstly, it is understood that there are distinctions in having a conversation with Saudi male and a female. If the conversation is with a Saudi female it is something understood that there is another female having a conversation with her. If an Expat lady meets a Saudi girl for the first time in life, the meeting may be at a social gathering or in a bus or it may happen at any other public place the following topics can be much useful in creating an atmosphere of having a friendly conversation. These topics might be useful in bridging the gap between the two strangers.[irp]

What to discuss with Saudi Girls? Being a mother every girl loves her children the most, so it is alright to ask a Saudi girl a query about her children. If the Saudi girl is asked about ages of her children she would not mind it, like all the mothers across the globe, a Saudi mom has much love for her children and is always happy to talk about her children. She may willingly discuss the number of her children, their ages and what they like to eat and wear and what not etc. Anything about her children will be a strong icebreaker and a very good start for the conversation. It is not felt bad if a Saudi girl is asked about ways of running the home good or how does she manage her housemaid, questions about Saudi cooking, recipes of different Saudi dishes. She would rather be happier in discussing these issues and may feel good to give tips.

Of course, discussion about shopping of clothes and jewelry etc is also a very good topic. She may be very happy in sharing her expertise in shopping, choosing pretty clothes, attractive designs of jewelry and good places to shop in. A Western girl can easily judge whether the Saudi girl has a strong vocabulary and conversational skills in the English language. It would likely be suggested to praise her if she has good conversational skills in English and if the case is otherwise she must be encouraged in learning this new language. It can also be presumed that a Saudi lady who is speaking English fluently may be comfortable with discussing rather different matters. The discussions may turn from clothes and jewelry to current issues, the major problems of the country and their solutions as we.[irp]

What should not be discussed with Saudi Girls? It is important to know that the Saudi girl with whom you are meeting for the first time will likely be uncomfortable with questions about her husband, as to what are his name, age, profession and questions about the income of her husband. These questions are supposed to be limited by privacy in Saudi society. While talking to a stranger Saudi girl topics like politics, religious matters and marriages are better to be avoided and not to be discussed. It may create a big hurdle in the friendship of two girls meeting for the first time.

One shall not be surprised if a Saudi girl is asking some personal questions related to her family matters and salaries. She may ask a westerner that who is her husband and what does he do and she may make queries about household expenses as well. One shall never be discussing any feelings of likeness about a Saudi man or other pre-marital affairs because she will lose her respect in front of Saudi lady.

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