5 Tips for Safe Driving in Sandstorm

Sandstorms in Gulf countries could cause real trouble for the inhabitants as the visibility level goes down to zero sometimes. It is better to avoid driving during a sandstorm; however, if you have to drive, make sure you follow the below-mentioned tips for Safe Driving in Sandstorm.

It is extremely difficult for you to stay away from sand in case you are living in Saudi Arabia or any other Gulf country. It is impossible to completely eliminate this issue, as one can’t win the battle against the filthy sand storm. Here are some tips for Safe Driving in Sandstorm in Saudi Arabia or in any Gulf country. Recommended: How to Survive a Sandstorm in Saudi Arabia

5 Tips for Safe Driving in Sandstorm

  1. Check weather prediction for the sandstorm

Check climate conditions before traveling and take weather forecast from climate news. If a sandstorm is suspected to be strong and visibility is low, better not to go to work or to travel. The best approach is to avoid Driving in a Sandstorm condition.

1492 9 Tips for Safe Driving during a Sand Storm

  1. Turn on the Hazards light while driving in Sandstorm

If you are driving in a sandstorm, make sure you turn on all the outer lights of your vehicle including headlight, fog lights, and hazards. Keep in mind that the visibility level during the sandstorm is too low and it is important to let other vehicles know about your presence so that nobody bumps you.

  1. Don’t stop your vehicle in the Middle of the road

If you are driving in a sandstorm, it is not recommended to stop your car in the slowest lane unless there is some area away from the road. You should continue driving; however, it is recommended to reduce your speed, drive in the middle lane and increase the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.

  1. Keep windows closed

Driving in Sandstorm could be very dangerous if you keep your windows open as a little dust or sand in your eyes would divert your focus from the road which could be deadly in such a harsh weather condition. Therefore, it is always recommended to keep the windows of your car closed.

  1. Don’t smoke during sandstorm

As we have mentioned above, you can’t open windows during such a harsh weather condition. Another safety tip for driving in sandstorm is to avoid smoking in the car. The smoke further blurs the vision and reduces the visibility level which is already low during this time.

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