Thuwal Beach in Jeddah – One of the best public beaches to spend your Weekend

A beach is a natural form of land along with water. Rocks, sand, pebbles, gravel, and stones can be found at the beach. Some beaches have man-made buildings such as life rescuer posts, dressing rooms, and shower areas. They also have welcoming spots close by such as resorts, camps, hotels, play areas and restaurants.

Naturally, beaches are found in areas along the coast where waves or current action deposits and reworks remains. A normal week in Jeddah is quite busy and hectic that’s why weekends are the best option to relax and get out of the busy schedule. Breathing in some fresh air can recharge one’s mind. [irp]

Thuwal beach is about 80 kilometers towards the north from Jeddah along the Red Sea. The directions and routes have been mentioned on the highway. If you take Madina road, then it will be easy to find the location of the beach.

It is known for its fishing center. The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology is also situated at Thuwal, which officially opened in September 2009.  The beach has an amazing view of a peaceful atmosphere. The natural color of the water is an eye-catching a view to sit and enjoy. It is located far away from the main city that’s why there will be less rush.

There is enough space arranged by the authorities for parking the cars of visitors. There are small shaded areas where families can sit and enjoy the moderately pure beach front. Huts are also available there for visitors who want some privacy.

It is a perfect place for kids to spend their weekend with nature. Kids will love to play and build beautiful castles in the sand. They can enjoy different outdoor games and sports. They will gain the best experience after visiting Thuwal beach.

Attractions of Thuwal beach invite you to come and visit this amazing place. The depth of the water is not very deep near the shore. It is quite low so kids can also enjoy playing with the water which is a plus point.

There are amusement areas for children where they can enjoy rides. All the important beach facilities are also available which include separate bathrooms (gents and ladies) for visitors.  Cafeteria and shops are available from where visitors can buy basic items like tea, drinking water, snacks and other products.

It is an ideal place for barbeque. People can visit with friends and family and enjoy barbeque under the clear blue sky with a fresh environment.  People can also bring food with them like Al-back and enjoy the weekend there.

It is open 24 hours and anyone can visit there anytime. It is open for everyone but timings for swimming are 10 am to 6 pm. Thuwal beach is a perfect visiting place for having a family fun day where kids can have fun and the parents can relax.

It is a peaceful place where anyone can spend his weekend peacefully away from city rush and noises. So if you haven’t visited the spot, make a plan to visit Jeddah and spend your weekend holiday at Thuwal beach.

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