This 9-years old Egyptian girl’s will – is the most adorable thing you ever read

We all fall ill and sometimes when the disease gets prolonged we often get depressed. We also start to revert to Allah and there is a feeling that health was the greatest of all the blessings. Also deep inside we are pinched by the fact that our lives are perishable and our souls have to taste the death.

Yet small and common diseases like flu and fever never worriers anyone to death you know. Even if parents are worried, children and okay with it, all they need is to get well and start playing! However, this 9 years old Egyptian girl is not like other kids.

The girl, named Mariam, was suffering from the mild flu when it stuck to her that she might die! Yes, she thought that the flu might take away her life. The idea of dying hit her hard and she planned to write away a will.

Her will was taken over to social media by her brother Ahmed Meghawry who tweeted a photograph of the will. The will is the most adorable one. It is more like the last note than a will.

Maryam took out a paper from her school notebooks and wrote a handwritten will where she refers to her parents, siblings, friends, and family. She writes that she wants them to know that she loves them a lot: more than anything.

Yet she apologizes for loving Allah and His prophets more. She wrote that she loves them (parents, family and friends) equally and that none is to be preferred over the other. She excused them for her long absence and apologizes for dying!

She ended her will with a last goodbye and said that upon Allah’s will they will reunite on the Day of Judgment. Yes. ladies and gentlemen, this is the translation of the handwritten note by a 9-year-old girl who suffered from flu.

Mariam is all fine now and when her family found the note, they were more than amazed. The social media users were overwhelmed by the tweet and loved it.

People could not handle the cutest and the most innocent will of their lives. They commented that the girl is a sensible and sensitive one. She is way too adorable and cute. People praised that kids are innocent.

Some people could not let go the fact that she apologized for dying! Some called that she is drama-queen in progress while other recalled that this is exactly how they act when they fall ill to attract attention and care.

People loved Mariam and were worried about her health, so Mariam gave out a video message thanking them for shoving love towards her!

Source: Twitter

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