4 Special Things to do in Durrat Al Arous, Jeddah

Durrat Al Arous is an amusement village located in the North of Jeddah which is mainly for tourists so basically it’s a tourist village. There’s nothing that would not be in Dural Al Arous for instance, schools, cafes, coffee shops, hotels, resorts, theme parks, a golf club, an equestrian club, recreation parks and a yacht marina. Even though there’s a lot at Durrat Al Arous, people still visit this village for a pleasant and calm environment. Durrat Al Arous is famous for its amazing beaches and its a plus point for all the people residing in Jeddah since the love of beaches is a common trait between all of them. Durrat Al Arous isn’t very compact though. One still needs to travel here and there by cars. Although golf cars are available always, for your ease and for anyone who’s more into renting cars rather than driving their own. I mean why would you want to stress out on driving while being on a relaxing holiday? Anyway, there are several things one can do here:[irp]

Swimming Pools for men and women: There are several wings, both different for men and women. Sauna, swimming pools, and a game room have been developed for females to take their mind off everything and just relax.

Dream Land for Women: There are amazing play areas for children as well so mothers can drop their kids to the play area and enjoy a bit of their quality-ME time! Every woman deserves that! Durrat Al Arous is not just a bit, but a lot different than how the rest of Saudi Arabia is. Considering how the Saudi Arabian law states women are supposed to cover themselves always, stay at home inside, not roam around without their Mahram males and not drive, Durrat Al Arous is not like this at all. Women here can also roam around without Abayas, without males and have the facility of driving cars.

Cafes and Restaurants: Furthermore, one can always go to Al Marsa for the countless cafes and restaurants that are located there. It’s a crowded area with a very fast forward lifestyle so people usually go there for shishas, music or just to unwind themselves!

Fully Furnished Village: Anyone who hears Durrat Al Arous being a ‘village’ would probably think of it as a rural area with no facilities at all. However, that is just NOT true! Durrat Al Arous is a fully furnished village with not just your necessities, but every kind of facility that you could ever think of. From satellites to mobile networks, from electric power generation to security systems, this place has everything!

So, anyone who’s looking for a place to loosen up themselves and have the time of their lives, Durrat Al Arous is the place to be! This place has absolutely everything and it should be on everyone’s go-to list. From beaches to cafes to parks to game centers, the village is probably a very small title given to Durrat Al Arous. Did I forget to mention, this place has jet skis, motor boats, Red sea diving and windsurfing options too! Wow! I’ll go and book my ticket to Durrat Al Arous right away and so should you! Hope you have as great of a time in this village, as I did in writing this!

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.