11 Best Things to Do in Al Ain

If you’re thinking about what you can do within Al Ain, the answer is right here. This renowned region in Abu Dhabi is home to an array of exciting and thrilling activities.

It does not matter if you are out with your friends or family since there are plenty of activities to enjoy within Al Ain for all ages. This list of suggestions includes a variety of alternatives that are all fun.

  1. Go to Al Ain Zoo

Al-Ain Zoo isn’t like the typical ones you’ve been to before. It’s a unique experience that lets you view the wild reptiles, birds, animals, and more.

It’s not just about watching all species of animals, but you can feed them and play with them.

Additionally, at this unique site, you can also enjoy safari tours. It’s among the must-do things to do in Al Ain Zoo as it’s thrilling! It’s a drive in the desert among the free wild animals. Discover the different species of animals at Al Ain Zoo tickets for children and adults.

It’s completely safe since there’s a trained guide to accompany you. Imagine that an African Lion or a giant Giraffe is cruising through! Notable, isn’t it?

This is among the top places to visit within Al Ain, which can’t be overlooked.

  1. Visit Al Ain Oasis

What is the best way to escape from the city and into the wilderness? It sounds like a dream. Al-Ain Oasis is where you can go to do this. It’s the most significant area of peace within Al Ain.

The stunning palms and sunshine create a lovely spot to relax and enjoy peace.

There are many options to explore within Al Ain Oasis; you can enjoy a walk or cycle or even ride a horse through the paths that wind through thousands of beautiful, tall palms.

Additionally, this fantastic location is a UNESCO heritage site. Fortunately, it’s recently become accessible to the public, and you can experience its beauty for free.

Enjoy the natural surroundings and let your mind drift away for a few minutes In Al Ain Oasis.

  1. Spend a Day Outside at Green Mubazzarah Park

In the middle of the highest mountains in the UAE that can be described as Jebel Hafeet, the Green Mubazzarah Park is situated. It is a vast green area as well as hills with elevated peaks, making an attractive landscape.

This is an excellent idea for those who are bored of the regular outings and require something different. Bring some drinks and sandwiches so you can enjoy the breeze while enjoying snacks.

It’s not just this, and Green Mubazzarah Park is the home of hot springs that descend from the mountain’s top. It’s stunning! The springs aren’t boiling, and they’re simply hot.

You can place your legs inside them, and it will take all your anxiety away. This is only available in Green Mubazzarah Park for free.

  1. Play at Hili Fun City

At whatever age we grow, amusement parks will continue to be fun. This is why Hili Fun City is a destination you must visit at Al Ain for endless entertainment.

It’s a wildly popular park that offers a variety of games, including carousels, roller coasters, as well as many other thrilling rides.

In addition to the other attractions, At Hili Fun City, you can skate on the ice as well. If you’ve never tried skating on ice before, you ought to know! It’s one of the most exciting and most enjoyable activities you can try.

Don’t be scared to fall because it is likely to be a fun memory. As long as you keep it in mind, whenever you think about it, you’ll be smiling.

It is possible to visit Hili Fun City with your friends or family as it is suitable for all ages. Of course, seeing this amusement park is one of the top activities to experience within Al Ain.

  1. Visit Al Jahili Fort

Are you eager to go to an ancient tourism attraction located within Al Ain? That’s Al Jahili Fort, one of the oldest forts situated in Abu Dhabi; besides, it is free to enter.

It will be like you stepped back to the early days of the world once you enter. Its intricate design makes the structure look stunning. Walking through it and seeing the beauty of it is unbeatable.

  1. Walk at Al Ain Paradise Garden

What about walking through thousands of beautiful flowers? Imagine this, and it feels excellent. You can experience this by visiting Al Ain Paradise Garden.

It’s a vast garden in which many flowers are planted in various shapes. Pink, yellow, red, and blue flowers are everywhere. Isn’t it amazing?

Furthermore, this beautiful garden is among the free spots to explore within Al Ain. When you’re ready to visit the park, you can simply take your camera to capture the beauty of the garden while taking a stroll.

  1. Camp at Jebel Hafeet Desert Park

Camping can be a fascinating experience. If it’s your first experience or a seasoned camping enthusiast, Jebel Hafeet Desert Park offers a variety of camping that will satisfy every person.

It is possible to choose basic camping or glamping that has luxurious facilities. Furthermore, you can engage in numerous other thrilling activities such as cycling and stargazing at this fantastic park.

Jebel Hafeet’s Desert Park, located within Al Ain, has things to enjoy at night and in the early morning as there’s no time for rest, only fun!

  1. Al-Ain Palace Museum

Have you ever wondered which was the place where one of the first rulers in the UAE was born? It’s located at Al Ain Palace Museum, one of the most frequented locations in the area.

In this magnificent museum, you can see the process of evolution of the UAE’s leaders and community. It covers every detail, starting from the beginning until the discovery of petroleum.

Additionally, all their possessions and items they used are displayed inside the museum to learn everything you can about their vast story.

You can take this tour without cost in the Al Ain Palace Museum!

  1. Watch a Camel Race

 It’s fun to ride camels, but watching a race with camels is more thrilling. It’s among the most sought-after activities you can do when within Al Ain. There are tracks specifically designed for this activity in the desert area of Al Ain.

It usually takes place in winter on the weekend. It’s easy to feel the determination and excitement when you reach the venue where everyone is waiting to see who wins!

  1. Tour Al Qattara Old Souq

If you’re an expat, then visiting Al Qattara Old Souq is an experience unlike any other. It’ll transport you back to an authentic Arabian atmosphere with its classic theme.

In addition, it’s also a UNESCO Heritage site where you will learn details about the Al Qattara area. Also, walking through the souk among the vendors is a different experience as it’s much more straightforward than the modern-day.

There’s a wide selection of Arabian crafts, spices, and even textiles. This is the ideal place to present unique gifts, not the usual ones.

In addition, many cultural events take place to introduce visitors to the culture of the Emirates. Don’t be afraid to join in! It includes Arabian dance, which you can witness in the Al Qattara Old Souq.

  1. Discover Al Ain National Museum

The stories you find about the past are guaranteed to amaze you. Al-Ain National Museum is filled with exciting things you can see and learn about in the first place.

It’s the oldest within the UAE and is the perfect place to visit Al Ain. It will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about how the previous residents lived and utilized their everyday tools before technological advancement.

Additionally, the museum is also home to Sultan Fort, one of the most popular attractions in the area. Its architectural style is impressive and will leave you amazed.

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