5 Never do things at Jeddah Airports to stay safe

While coming to Saudi Arabia for the first time, make sure you never do the following 5 things to stay safe at Jeddah airport.

Never Bring Illegal Stuff

While planning to travel to Saudi Arabia, and packing your bags, you must know what to carry and what to not. There are certain rules that no passenger can carry drugs, alcohol, weapon, pork meat, or anything related to pork and Non- Islamic things.

Any passenger carrying anything illegal to this country would be seized as spotted, and probably won’t be able to leave the airport authorities easily. The airport police have complete right to confiscate such items, and the passenger may not possess those items.

Never Bring Alcohol

Before stepping into this state, leave alcohol behind. It should not be near you, or you may get charged by the airport police.

Don’t wear a Non-Islamic Dress

Even for a quick visit for just a few hours, you are not allowed to wear revealing clothes in Saudi Arabia. If you want to stay safe at Jeddah airport, make sure you are following the Saudi dress code.

Don’t bring Non-Islamic Material

People often carry copies of the Bible all around the world, well it is not safe to bring it to any Saudi airport, especially Jeddah airport where most of the pilgrims land. Make sure that you don’t carry copies of the Bible or any other non-Islamic material, as this can be offensive to the law here.

is jeddah airport safe

Don’t Switch your lines

We all have seen a person who is very impatient and wishes to come first on the line, you can be that person too. But the airport is not a place for such activities. You have to be patient and wait for your turn and respect the regulations there, even if the airport is crowded and there’s a super long line.

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