7 things I gave my father that made him Smile

Father’s Day isn’t the only day of the year you should give your dad a little something special. Why not surprise him with a thoughtful gift? Not every gift has to be a t-shirt of his favorite tv show or a mug that says “World’s #1 Dad.”

Father’s appreciate their child’s love and admiration. Show some love with these gifts. These are 7 things I gave my father that made him smile (and laugh).

Retro Typewriter Keyboard

My dad is tech-savvy and loves his computers. If your dad is like mine, he would love this Retro Typewriter Keyboard! 

It comes with mechanical keys that provide the satisfying clicking sound of a real typewriter and looks and feels just like one. 

Bring him back to the good old days and make him smile with a functional keyboard to add flair and style to his desk. It’s crafted with curved, silver trim on every key and the tactile design allows for faster productivity and enjoyment. 

You definitely can’t go wrong with its sleek retro design and style. It looks amazing but also gets the job done. 

Keep in mind it’s a simple typing kind of keyboard and won’t be ideal if your dad is the online gamer type.

Twinkle in Time 

Do you want to commemorate a special day in your father’s life? This next gift will definitely put a smile on his face.

Twinkle in Time creates beautiful star maps! These constellations represent your special day and you can personalize it with a sweet message.

All you have to do is go to the Twinkle in Time website, select the day, month, and year of the special day and voila! You have a constellation from that very day.

It makes for a beautiful conversation piece in the home. Whether in his room or his office. It will surely make him smile!

I know my dad loved him. I wanted to show him the stars from the day I was born, not only did it make him laugh but it makes sense because I’m an only child.

Speak Plus Dash Cam

Is your dad, like mine, always on the go? My father is constantly in the car and zooming around to meetings or going out with friends or taking me to my favorite place. 

He’ll need the Speak Plus Dash Cam. This little gadget is a combination of Amazon Alexa and a dashcam. It provides you with driver assistance as does a GPS and will even notify you of road closures or collisions on your route.

To make your dad smile, tell him this device can even be asked to entertain certain passengers! This makes for a great gift if your family loves road trips.

This dashcam will provide dad with all he needs in one gadget. I know my dad loves him and it’s always fun to talk to Alexa on a trip.

Kool8 water bottle

Is dad a runner? A gym rat? Or cares about the environment? Then the Kool8 Water Bottle is just for him! It’s a reusable bottle that is made to keep water cold and coffee hot. 

He will appreciate this product because it is useful and non-harmful to the environment. This bottle comes in a stylish set of colours ( I suggest the light grey) and is super durable. 

This is a bottle that will never spill, if you’re worried about leaving it inside a bag of electronics. It’s heavy-duty stainless steel body works for any activity and won’t let your dad down.

If he’s a tea drinker, this bottle also comes with a built-in tea infuser. It’s easy to use and works like a charm every time. 

If you’d like a more in-depth review on the bottle visit this article in the Baltimore Post Examiner.

Pluto Pillow 

Is your dad a snorer? Maybe he suffers from lack of a good night’s sleep and complains of aches and pains in his neck and shoulders. 

Get him the Pluto Pillow. This is a customizable pillow, and no I don’t mean you can print pictures on it. You can choose the height, stiffness, and bounce to make it to your liking!

Pluto Pillows cares about sleep and so they’ve created a pillow with your data to offer you the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

The pillows are built on a hybrid design and filled with foam and a supportive core that will surely have you catching Z’s in no time. Trust me, this is a great gift and your dad will absolutely love it!

Protein Coffee

For the coffee lover dad I recommend purchasing protein coffee. Help dad save all of his energy with Complete Nutrition Protein Coffee 

My dad personally loves the Mocha Latte flavor from Ultimate Nutrition Coffee. He’s a big chocolate lover so this was the perfect blend for him. He’s also watching his weight, and this coffee is low in calories and fats. 

Myown favorite Complete Nutrition flavor is Iced Coffee because it still gives me that refreshingly sweet taste!

There are so many great benefits to protein coffee such as preventing muscle loss, increasing cognitive functions, weight loss and more! Put a smile on your father’s face by giving him the best protein coffee available.

At Home Celiac Disease Test

This gift is surely not a common one. If you or your father are health conscious, then this at home Celiac Disease test is practical and useful. 

Celiac Disease causes a person who consumes gluten, found in foods like wheat, barley, and rye, to be unable to properly digest it, resulting in an attack on the small intestine.

If your dad complains of stomach pains and other symptoms related to the disease, you can order the imaware™ at home celiac disease blood test.

The test comes with a small device that pricks your finger for blood, you then send the results to get examined and see your results online, 

The test will not tell you if you have celiac disease, but it will tell you there is a possibility. Most people are diagnosed in their teen years. If your dad hasn’t been tested, this is a great start. 

Your dad will appreciate these fun, thoughtful, and useful products any time of the year. There’s a product for every type of dad out there. 

Remember, no matter what you give, you will always put a smile on his face because you’ve thought of him!

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