10 things about Saudis I admire the most

Saudis are one of the kindest people you might know on planet Earth. Going to Saudi Arabia and living there is an experience worth having. Not only the country is full of a great many places, but the people give you a social experience that you would never forget.

A country is a delightful place, it has a distinctive culture, traditions, and customs. People are social and loving. Even though before settling into the country, there are weird thoughts reoccurring and one is frightened by the rumors that are spread about Saudi Arabia and Saudis, yet there is nothing like it! Saudis are indeed admirable and here is a list of things that I admire most about them.

  1. Family Oriented

Saudis are family oriented people. They would love to give the family their time. They hang out with family: they have their days planned with family. An emergency call from home would make them shiver: they have such a love bond among them!

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  1. Kind towards others

Saudis are the sweetest and kindest ones I have ever known. They are so pure at heart that it amazed me. They would easily swipe their place with you in a queue if you simply ask for it!

  1. Generous

Saudis are more than generous. They would be distributing free food and plenty of riyals among the poor and the needy.

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  1. Sense of Humor

Saudis have a great sense of humor and can crack a good joke any time! Having lunch or dinner with them means you would have a great meal with good laughter time.

  1. Real Foodies

Saudis are in true sense “real foodies”. Their tables are all lit with delicious food. They love to have starters, main course, and dessert on a regular basis!

  1. Saudi Hospitality

Saudis know well to protect their guests. They shall make sure that no one causes harm or worry to their guests.  They are so hospitable that they tend to literally pamper their guests.

Even if you went to their home for small work(like conveying an important message) and did not intend to have a cup of tea or so, they will make sure you were served well. They would literally pull you inside and make sure you eat well!

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  1. Respect Elders

Saudis do not abandon their elderlies. The elderlies are always respected and are kept at home where they are served by all the family members.

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  1. No Single Mother Concept in Saudi Arabia

There is no pure concept of a single mother raising her children. A divorced woman would go back to her parent’s home where she would be taken care and her children are raised in a healthy environment as they experience “family”.

  1. Saudis love their religion

Saudis are true to their religion. An average Saudi, not an extremist, is protecting his faith well. Women here are respected the most. They have separate places in buses and waiting zones.

  1. Education

Saudis are progressing with technology. They are accepting technology while keeping with their culture and traditions.  I admire the way they value education: education is free to be it kindergarten or Ph.D.!

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