Theft drama of SR 1 million staged by Saudi security guards

While the security personals at the ATM are there to ensure that the payment and people are safe, yet there are people who mis-commit to their own duties. This is particularly true for a recent incident that took place in Saudi Arabia.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the crime took place at Khamis Mushait, when the security personals of a money transfer company, staged a drama of SR 1 million theft.

How did they play the drama?

The five security personals allowed their friend to rob SR 1 million while they were transferring money to an ATM and let him flee the site.

The Asir region police spokesman Lt. Col Zaid Al-Dabbash, the six culprits have been arrested. The Jeddah police made a crackdown operation once it was notified about the robbery.

The investigations revealed that the entire robbery had been staged. The security personals themselves have been involved and allowed their own friend to get away with the hefty amount.

With the prompt response of the Jeddah police and their efforts, the entire amount has been recovered.

Source: Urdu News

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