The widow of the famous Saudi footballer works as a Housemaid now

The people of the world are going really fast, but in doing so we are forgetting and overlooking a lot of important things. This is indeed saddening and disturbing, moreover alarming too. We totally forget about our former national heroes and their family when we get new personalities to admire.

Mabrook Salem Al-Turki was a national Hero of Saudi Arabia, the celebrated leader of Riyadh Al-Nasr Club. He had guarded the nets for the national team in many international matches. He died in a tragic road accident in Abha, when he was going to visit his sick mother in 1984.[irp]

The footballer’s only son Sultan, requested the team of Okaz Newspaper and Saudi Gazzete to visit his home so that he can make aware of his situation to the ruling leaders and they can help them. To fulfill his request, the news teams went to his family home in Al-Manfooha district of South Riyadh.

They noticed that the famous person’s family was leading a life of poverty. Sultan was 33 years old now and earn a salary of SR 3,600 per month while his mother works as a maid at wedding halls and earn an amount of SR 300 a month.

Mabrook Salem Al-Turki was once a well-known national hero who used to receive thousands of dollars for playing a single football match. Now his wife is living in a decrepit two bedrooms’ apartment with her son and her widowed daughter and her four children.

Sultan said that he was just 2 years old when his father died and ever since they were living in miseries. He added that his father was a friendly man and all the people loved him, he heard from his mother that many Saudi footballers and official attended his father’s funeral.

He further said, “My father was at the training camp with some Saudi players where he received a call from his brother who informed him that their mother was very sick and was admitted to hospital. He left the camp to visit his mother in Abha where he met an accident and lost his life.”

He disclosed that Prince Faisal Bin Fahad and Prince Abdul Rahman bin Saud helped them a lot and even gave them the money regularly and paid the rent for their apartment. He added saying, that Hashem Suroor, the former head of the Nasr Players Association helped them in paying their electricity bills and gave them Ramadan purchase coupons worth SR900.

Prince Faisal Bin Abdul Rahman paid the hospital expenses of an appendectomy on my sister. After Sultan, his mother talked to the media team that Prince Abdul Rahman Bin Saud paid the rent for their small apartment after the death of her husband.

After the prince died, there was no one who could pay the rent. She further said, “My husband’s colleagues occasionally visited us and brought some food item.” She was sure that Turki Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the Board of Sports Authority, will definitely help or aid her family.

The family of the deceased footballer demanded a small house because they said they are tired of moving from one place to another. She also said his Son tried to meet Prince Faisal Bin Turki who is the president of Al-Nasr club so that he can help us financially but he couldn’t.

After the reports of this family raised in the media, the chairman Turki Al-Sheikh issued a command to provide SR100,000 to support the family of Mabrook Al-Turki.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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