The time of death is fixed, you can’t change it – A real experience

Death is the ultimate reality of life. Every person born is destined to fact death. We would always wish to stay alive and that none of our loved ones get apart from us by death, yet we know that one day or another we all shall die.

A mother was crying over a child’s death

The other day I saw a woman crying over her child’s death. The child died during an accident while he was going to his school. The lady would blame herself for the death. She would say that only if she had not forced her child to go to school today the accident wouldn’t happen. She would cry and tell that her child was unwilling to go and it was she who forced him to go and meet his death.

Upon this, a lady rose to comfort her. She told her that it was not her fault that the child had died and that she shall stop blaming herself. Life and death are in the hands of Allah Almighty. The time of death and birth is fixed and none can change it. But the lady kept on saying that only if she had not forced her son to go to school.

A story from Damascus

Looking at her miserable condition, she told that she knows a story similar to hers. She said that there was a mother and son living in Damascus. The mother was a widow and raised her child with difficulties. All her happiness and hopes were attached to that child.

Soon when the child grew up, he planned to go abroad for higher studies. His mother loved his son, she would take care of his meals and necessities. The idea of him going wasn’t pleasant for her but she accepted it as she knew that he would return after a few years.

The weather started changing

On the day when his boy was to leave, she woke up early to make meals and delicious foods so that he could enjoy his trip. She also packed some gifts which would delight him abroad. Yet she soon found that the weather was not good: a strong storm hit the city. She was afraid that the boy might get injured or even killed in this bad weather.

She decided not to wake him up as if she did, the boy would insist to leave. So she turned the alarm off and went to the nearby market to fetch some food for the boy. She was happy that she had got another day to spend with her son. She picked up all his favorite food and returned home in joy.

The son was still sleeping

When she returned home, she was astonished to find her son still sound asleep. The boy hadn’t moved an inch: he had slept in the same position. She called his name to wake him up and dished out all the food. After she had done, she found out the boy was still asleep.

The boy was dead

She went close to him and he lied coldly in bed. The boy was dead! Her heart sank and then she realized she couldn’t save her child from death no matter what. She was in a hope that she had tricked the death of her child, yet the death had tricked her.

The time of death is fixed

The lady then understood that the time of death is fixed; we cannot delay it, hide from it or escape it!

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