The Sufferings of Dubai Laborers – A Video Report by BBC

Exotic Dubai: All that glitters is not gold, and true to every word, this phrase is seen almost everywhere depicted in the worst way humans can imagine. 

We get impressed by the huge and tall buildings, infrastructure, luxury furniture, transport and exotic food and the way they are presented flatter us, but we never give a thought to as how all of this was made.

The laborers working behind all this are always forgotten. Dubai is a place full of skyscrapers, luxury and exotic cars, expensive hotels and restaurants, famous clubs and worth seeing infrastructure.

But there is a black hole just a few miles away from all these, the living area of the labor working here as slaves who hail from third world countries and are treated in the worst manner humanity can be put shame to.

Misleading Contracts: The companies promise them good accommodation, food, and a good salary. Most of the times the companies charge a large amount of money and after getting the money paid they also mislead with their contract and promises.

On their arrival in Dubai, they are not treated as an employee but are considered as slaves. Their passport is taken away from them, they are threatened to fire away from the work if their work is not perfect, and beside this, they are not provided with enough salary according to the work they do.

They never try to report or complain any of their sufferings in threat of being fired out from their work and they did not even have any money to arrange a living place somewhere else or return back to their country.

Financial Issues: People like us could never imagine the type of living condition they are provided with. These are not their only sufferings, most of the time they have to bear the pain of their salaries reduced or not paid.

They have to borrow money from someone to fill their appetite and the pain increase when their families demand them for money or to come back.

Accommodation Arrangements: They are forced to stay in crowded camps where more than 40 men live at a time and share only 2 toilets and 1 shower. The toilets conditions are horrible where nasty sewage leaking rivers making the camps smells, no water in the washroom taps, muddy and dirty toilets.

Secret Documentary: A BBC reporter did a secret operation and interviewed some of the labor. The video is not only disturbing but also very painful. The video has got many millions of views as it has reflected the darker side of Dubai, the pain of the workers and employees behind all the glitters of Dubai.

In the video, the BBC reporter talked about the feeling and hardships of the workers they suffer after traveling to Dubai. He talked about how laborers take out loans or sell their family lands to pay a handsome amount to employment agencies to get a luxurious job in Dubai.

We are not sure about the accuracy of the report but all I want to say is that there should be a special investigation for recruitment agencies that drag hundreds of workers from their country and mislead with their promises and contracts made to them.

They are also human beings like us. They leave their families just to earn some pennies to support them and when they are not provided with it, this is quite disturbing for the humanity.

This video was reported a few years ago and things might have changed now but the reports still claim that these are the conditions how Dubai was built and made to progress.

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