The story behind the Oldest door of the Holy Kaaba – still available

The Holy Kaaba is at its place for centuries. We know that it is a building that is subject to be affected by weather and natural calamities. The door at the Holy Kaaba that we see is not the one which was attached to it when it was built.

The door of the Holy Kaaba has been changed in different time periods. Different rulers at a different point in time ought that it was necessary to change the door of the Holy Kaaba as the door was damaged and needed replacement.

The oldest door of the Holy Kaaba still available is about 4 centuries old. It was made on the demand of the Sultan Murad IV of Ottoman. The oldest door was made in August 1630.

History reveals that during the reign of the Massoud Idris bin Hassan, the then Prince of Makkah a flood took place. The heavy rains took the form of a flood and soon the Holy Mosque sank half its height.

The Holy Kaaba sank so much so that half of its door was under water. The door of the Kaaba thereby got affected due to the flood. The northern wall came off and eastern wall on which the door was attached got badly damaged. Thus there was a need to repair the walls and door of the Holy Kaaba.

Sultan Murad IV was the strongest ruler at that time as he held the largest states under him. The Prince of Makkah thereby called him to seek permission to start repair work in the Holy Kaaba.


The sultan readily took notice of the call and demanded Mohammad Ali Al Albani, the then governor of Egypt, to take charge of the responsibility.

The governor was ordered by the sultan to take urgent and important steps required for repairing the Holy Kaaba. Sultan hired engineers that would look over the construction work at the Holy Kaaba.

The engineers recommended that a new eastern wall shall be built as the old one was badly damaged and if it was repaired it won’t stand another natural disaster and would demolish.

So the eastern wall of the Holy Kaaba was first demolished and then rebuilt. As we know that door rested on the eastern wall, the door was detached. Sultan Murad then decided that a new door shall be attached to the wall. So the Egyptian engineers were handed over the task of building a new door that resembled the old one.

The engineers started working on the door in October 1629 AD and completed it for attaching to the Holy Kaaba in March 1630. The same door was placed on the Holy Kaaba until 1947. In 1947 King Abdul Aziz replaced the door with a new one.

The door was made of aluminum, iron bars and silver plates coated in gold.  The door now placed on Holy Kaaba is the one King Khalid replaced.

It is made up of pure gold which weighs 280 KG. This indicates that two of the doors of Holy Kaaba has been replaced by the Saudi Kings.

Source: Al Arabiya

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