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The Saudi Boom is Saudi Arabia’s premier business website site and newsletter, committed to showcasing the nation’s remarkable growth.

Focusing on diverse sectors, The Saudi Boom is the go to source for up to date, in-depth insights into Saudi Arabia’s evolving landscape, from hospitality to technology. This platform reflects Saudi Arabia’s dynamic progress and potential as they progress to Vision 2030 and beyond.


The Saudi Boom is a unique British-Saudi collaboration which provides comprehensive updates on the incredible transformation and growth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With a shared vision, this alliance aims to illuminate the multifaceted growth of Saudi Arabia. As the sole business site dedicated exclusively to the country’s development, The Saudi Boom offers unparalleled perspectives on Saudi Arabia’s transformation.

Key Focus Areas


Saudi Arabia’s hospitality sector is undergoing a remarkable evolution. Luxury resorts and eco-tourism initiatives are setting new standards across the country accross giga projects from NEOM to Red Sea Global.

The Saudi Boom captures this transformation, emphasizing how these developments turn the Kingdom into an attractive global destination. Moreover, the focus on sustainability in tourism is reshaping visitors’ experiences, aligning with global environmental trends. Saudi Arabia aims to attract 150 million visitors per year by 2030.

The Saudi Boom also highlights the strategic importance of hospitality in diversifying the country’s economy. From hosting international events to promoting local culture, this sector is becoming a key driver in Saudi Arabia’s growth narrative, enhancing its global appeal.

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The Public Investment Fund (PIF)

The Public Investment Fund (PIF) is a cornerstone in reshaping Saudi Arabia’s economy. As one of the largest Sovereign Wealth Funds in the world, its investments in futuristic projects like NEOM and cultural landmarks like Diriyah are pivotal. The Saudi Boom spotlights these initiatives, showing how they contribute to economic diversification and technological advancement.

The PIF’s role extends beyond economic development; it’s also about creating sustainable and innovative urban environments. The Saudi Boom’s coverage of PIF’s projects provides insights into how these investments are transforming the urban and social landscapes of the Kingdom.

Showcasing Innovative Companies

The Saudi business landscape is dynamic, with groundbreaking startups and major corporate ventures. The Saudi Boom delves into this vibrant environment, showcasing the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in driving economic prosperity. The Saudi Boom showcases small and large businesses making a contribution to the transformation of Saudi Arabia

This coverage includes the booming real estate sector, consulting, finance, healthcare, travel, hospitality, sports and more underscoring their importance to the national economy.

The platform also focuses on emerging economic sectors, highlighting how these areas contribute to the Kingdom’s long-term financial objectives. The Saudi Boom’s analysis provides a comprehensive view of the business ecosystem, reflecting the diversity and potential of Saudi Arabia’s market to local and foreign investors.

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The Saudi Boom’s Impact and Influence

The Saudi Boom platform is pivotal in enhancing Saudi Arabia’s global economy and reputation. It showcases the country’s rapid development and modernization, which draws both local and international interest and investments.

This platform illuminates the diversity of Saudi Arabia’s sectors, from cutting-edge technology to burgeoning tourism, thereby elevating its global image.

The Saudi Boom also influences perceptions and understandings about Saudi Arabia through its comprehensive coverage. It highlights the Kingdom’s commitment to innovation and development, which is crucial in attracting foreign partnerships and establishing Saudi Arabia as a key player in the global economy

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Content and Engagement

The Saudi Boom’s content strategy is designed to captivate and inform a broad audience. By blending articles, videos, and infographics, the platform ensures that information is not only accessible but also engaging. This approach caters to various preferences, enhancing user engagement and knowledge retention.

Moreover, The Saudi Boom’s varied content formats allow for a richer, more easy to consume way of digesting the latest updates in Saudi Arabia. Whether through in-depth articles or social media, the platform provides a dynamic and comprehensive view of Saudi Arabia’s progress

Future Prospects

The Saudi Boom is forward-looking, focusing on upcoming projects and economic plans in Saudi Arabia. It aims to offer insights into the Kingdom’s evolving infrastructure and technological advancements including the manufacture of electric vehicles and green energy production through projects such the NEOM Green Hydrogen Project.

In addition, The Saudi Boom looks at strategies for sustainable economic growth. This includes coverage of new initiatives and policies designed to diversify the economy and promote long-term prosperity, aligning with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and beyond.

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The Saudi Boom plays a crucial role in shaping and communicating Saudi Arabia’s growth narrative. It is a key information source, connecting the world to the Kingdom’s transformative journey.

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