The problems of being a female doctor in Saudi Arabia

Around the world, in today’s time, the most accepted and widely appreciated profession is somewhat of that being associated with the medical field. As years go on and on people now want to indulge themselves into the field of medicine and establish their whole career around it only. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the situation is likewise, though you won’t find many women indulging into this profession. Now supposedly the tables are turning and not only women of Saudi Arabia are picking the profession of being a doctor as their career like the women in the western states but they also want to serve their country and save lives of all those who are in need for a healthy life just as they have one.[irp]

Being a doctor and being a female in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia isn’t an easy task as we probably think it is. Everything now has become more and more difficult for these women provided they have to answer plenty of questions throughout their life before and after marriage. After interviewing many women of the workforce who have become doctors or are trying to pursue this career, we have eventually concluded that they themselves know exactly how difficult their lives have become. The basic problem that unmarried Saudi women must face once on the way to becoming a doctor or whether already a doctor is that they will not get many marriage proposals knocking on their door.

One in the Saudi Arabia or other Middle Eastern countries would obviously want a very rich and stable daughter in law or wife who has pursued a good career for herself and equally can do all that what a good housewife can do. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its inhabitants mainly require a housewife who can just manage her married life and nothing more. This becomes a great deal for the families who have their daughters as doctors and becomes a matter of great concern and worry. Though there are only a few men who would accept the women as doctors and those are who themselves are doctors. They know exactly the busy schedule and life that a doctor has with all challenges as a part of their daily routine.

The basic problem a doctor wife and mother would eventually face is that she may have to neglect her personal responsibilities more than her career since people come to her and trust her with their life. One wrong move can not only prove fatal for her career and reputation but will also put the life in danger that she was entrusted with.[irp]

Such women will obviously also spend less time with their children and miss out the changes that her children will be going through. This will obviously give the sense of insecurity to the children who might just feel neglected. What now for these doctors? Would they be able to manage everything?

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.