The New Abaya Trends – A Fusion of Tradition & Fashion

Abaya is not anymore a loosely fitted outfit that people normally assume. Being a traditional Muslim woman wear, Abaya is now a center of attraction in an eye catchy collection and beautifully crafted stylish designs.

In some countries, Abaya is in strict rules for the women to wear in public. Keeping up the tradition, Women don’t have to cover their super cool outfit with a simple Abaya now.

They can say bye with a smile to the old & traditional black Abaya wear and opt the new designs that are now available in the market in different styles and colorful designs from popular online stores like Souq making use of Souq coupons.

Fashion is now on a new road with these pleasing wear with great fashion sense. Let’s check some of the best Abaya designs here

1-Full Sleeves Butterfly Design Abaya: This stylish & fully covered Abaya looks pretty awesome in a specific representation with full sleeves in butterfly outlook. Women can opt to wear the outfit to look beautiful with matching top to cover the head.

2-Two in One Abaya Shades Design: Two in one Abaya is one of a unique style that comes with the shade of two colors in one outfit. The outer part of Abaya is brighter than the one in inside which is a pretty cool combo of design and tradition.

3-Robe Soiree Hijab Abaya Style: Imagining a traditional style of the burqa in modernized look is an outstanding thought for Arabian and Saudi women mostly. This special outfit comes in that trending collection in 2018.

Hijab attire surely a must try style for the young women out there which comes in different color shades and outlines. You will surely get the belted and various hajib Abaya styles in Ounass online portal in best discounts. Just check for Ounass coupons while ordering to get utmost discounts.

4-Abaya Winter Special Design: Winter style Abaya is in coat style that perfectly suits the season. In dull color and overcoat pattern, this Abaya style looks awesome. Arabian women can choose this style in the most suitable season to be comfortable as well as maintain the style and trend in the crowd.

5-Stylish Draped Abaya Design: You can find formal Abayas to the most unique Abaya wear which comes with a shawl, drapes in different styles and colors. You can opt the styles that give you utmost comfort and suits you. It is a style that won’t let you down to attend any special occasions as well.

Though the days are changing women in some country still have restrictions on not wearing Abayas. But there is always a way to mold the situation in your hand that is what made this Abaya styles get into the market.

Now, women don’t have to take out Burqa and get punished for the did, Abaya new outstanding collection surely a way to keep up the inspiration of women wearing Abaya in different styles, designs & patterns which you can buy in best discounts from coupons sites like Rezeem.

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