The most popular autos from the U.S. in 2024

Buying a car from America does not lose its popularity. This is explained by the possibility of buying a decent car in full equipment on a limited budget. For little money, cars in good technical condition are available at leading US auctions.

Many years of practice have proven – buying cars from the USA is profitable for several reasons:

  • satisfactory technical condition, close to new;
  • significant differences in equipment – “foreigners” are always equipped with the latest technology and electronics;
  • abundance of choice of cars from rare and exclusive to the latest models of any class;
  • market offers exceed demand, which is reflected in the cheapness of the sale of boo cars;
  • reliable data on the mileage (twisting the speedometer is a criminal offense);
  • the opportunity to learn the entire history of the car;

American motorists change the vehicle immediately after the warranty expires or after a minor accident. Insurance covers all damages, and the car itself is sent to an American auction.

Minivans, crossovers, SUVs and spacious hatchbacks account for the lion’s share of lots from the USA. Respect the stylish design and executive look of the cars. Premium models with excellent equipment are exported especially for the USA.

Top 10 popular cars from the USA

Consumer demand is constantly changing. Today, the rating of in-demand cars from U.S. auctions made:

  • Volkswagen Jetta
  • Chevrolet Malibu
  • BMW X3
  • Audi Q5
  • Mercedes GLC 300
  • Volvo XC90
  • Volkswagen Passat
  • Tesla Model 3
  • Ford Escape
  • Ford Focus

The top 10 included cars from different segments and price categories.

Volkswagen Jetta (2020)

Inexpensive but stylish and practical – that’s how its new owners describe it. The successful model demonstrates:

  • smooth running;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • cozy and comfortable interior;
  • sufficient functionality for entertainment;
  • a decent set of driver aids.

The sedan comes in five modifications: budget S, improved SE, sporty R-Line and premium SEL, SEL Premium.

The technical specifications are as pleasing as the design ones:

  • commendable front-wheel drive;
  • turbocharged four-cylinder engine;
  • 6-speed manual transmission in the R-Line and S series;
  • automatic in SEL, SEL Premium, SE;
  • 8-speed automatic transmission is a separate option.

Headlights with LED headlights will appeal even to the sophisticated driver. Multimedia is represented by a 6.5-inch screen with the ability to connect Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Safety is also at a high level: in addition to a full-fledged system of belts and airbags, services of collision warning, blind spot monitoring, cross traffic.

Chevrolet Malibu (2020)

A mid-size sedan at an inexpensive price includes everything a modern driver and passenger needs. Luxury trim in a spacious cabin is complemented by full-featured electronics.

The advantages of the machine are obvious:

  • turbocharged 4-cylinder engine: 1.5 or 2.0 liters;
  • low fuel consumption 6-7 liters per 100 km;
  • smooth ride thanks to variator;
  • 160 hp or 250 hp;
  • equipment range: L, LS, RS, LT, Premier

The infotainment functionality is not lagging behind either. There is an 8-inch sensor, Driver Confidence assistant, integration with a smartphone. Two-zone climate control and heated seats are responsible for comfort. In the improved configuration LT will certainly please with the convenience of adjustable seats, their blowing, heating and a lot of pleasant accessories.

BMW X3 (2020)

The BMW X3 is sought after for its excellent interior and trunk roominess. It balances exterior appeal and interior comfort. Want rear-wheel drive? Choose the sDrive30i. For fans of all-wheel drive cars, the xDrive30i will satisfy.

Among the main features of the crossover:

  • sDrive30i and xDrive30i modifications are equipped with a 4-cylinder 2.0 liter engine with 248 hp;
  • xDrive30e modifications have a hybrid system with the same engine;
  • M40i modifications are based on a 3.0 liter 6-cylinder motor with 382 hp;
  • 8-speed automatic transmission;
  • LED optics in a complex with fog lights;
  • safety is ensured by the assistant, driving assistant and additional control options on the way.

BMW iDrive multimedia and 12 speakers even in the basic equipment correspond to the luxury class. There is factory navigation. Comfortable conditions are ensured by three-zone climate control.

Audi Q5 (2020)

All-wheel drive crossover will not leave indifferent lovers of comfort. Smooth and quiet, sharp and well controlled – the main indicators for this car.

The technologically advanced all-wheel drive Audi Q5 looks luxurious on the road and displays a truly sporty driving character. The favorite is both powerful and light, agile and compact.


  • 4-cylinder 2.0 liter turbocharged engine, 248 hp;
  • 7-speed automatic transmission;
  • all-wheel drive, dual-clutch;
  • Q5 PHEV is a hybrid with 349 hp;
  • Premium Plus, Prestige or Premium.

Advantages include 4-zone climate control, high-tech equipment for driver convenience, integrated Android Auto. Among the safety features in the basic package are collision controller, emergency braking.

Mercedes GLC 300 (2020)

Luxury SUV with premium stuffing – a real buy at US auction. Ideal as a family car. Guarantees a smooth ride even on poor road surfaces.

The high-performance auto is characterized by:

  • AMG GLC 43 turbocharged V6 or AMG GLC 63 V8 engine;
  • 9-speed automatic transmission;
  • rear-wheel drive;
  • high-capacity battery;
  • fuel economy;
  • LED lighting;
  • 4 configurations, each with luxury accessories.

Pleasant options include electric trunk drive, electric seat drive. Advanced multimedia technology Mercedes MBUX creates a special mood in the cabin. Informative 1.25-inch screen will allow you to get information about the state of the car, weather, location, player. Active safety – a complex installed in the basic configuration. For life and health on the road will take care of sensors and controllers of blind spot, parking, collision, driver’s sleepiness.

Volvo XC90 (2020)

The mid-size SUV has 7 seats and a large luggage compartment. The spacious interior guarantees freedom for every passenger. The equipment equates to ViP class, active and passive safety systems are also premium.


  • all-wheel drive;
  • Instant Traction system for sure-footed driving even on ice;
  • air suspension;
  • modification with 250 hp gasoline engine or 235 hp diesel engine;
  • fuel consumption of 8.2 liters on the gasoline engine and 9 liters on the diesel engine;
  • fuel efficiency;
  • 4-zone climate control.

The 9-inch touch screen makes it easy to control the multimedia. The center console displays all useful information to help control safe driving. For the comfort of each passenger, 16-level seat adjustment is included.

Safety is ensured by adaptive cruise control, collision warning system, emergency braking, driver condition monitoring, markings, pedestrian and oncoming cars recognition system.

Volkswagen Passat (2020)

Comfortable in every sense, this sedan drives safely thanks to cruise control. Advanced functionality creates all the conditions for comfort, coziness, and easy driving.

Notable for the Passat:

  • quiet running, smooth cornering, confident stability;
  • powerful 2.0 turbocharged four-cylinder engine;
  • 174 hp;
  • front-wheel drive;
  • 6-speed automatic transmission;
  • S, SEL, SE, R-Line;
  • LED headlights.

Undeniable pluses: Fender audio system, 6.3-inch touchscreen, blind spot controller, emergency braking when a collision is detected as likely.

Tesla Model 3 (2020)

The flagship among affordable electric cars with a sporty drive. The technological advantages are countless:

  • huge range of up to 400 km;
  • acceleration in 5.3 seconds;
  • capacity for 5 people;
  • trunk 425 liters;
  • dual-zone climate control;
  • front and side collision control;
  • rearview camera, blind spot sensors.

The Tesla is equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia, a 15-inch screen, built-in navigation, and 14 stereo speakers.

Ford Escape (2020)

The crossover, despite its compact dimensions, is very impressive in terms of capacity. The laconic interior is not devoid of modern equipment.


  • 5 seats;
  • 127-249 hp engine can be hybrid or gasoline V6;
  • engine displacement 2.0, 2.3, 2.5 or 3.0 liters;
  • gearbox depending on the modification is automatic transmission or mKPP;
  • fuel consumption 9.5-11 liters.

Completing the list of benefits is a widescreen display, split-folding rear-row seats, and roof rails.

Ford Focus (2019)

Universal in the 4th generation looks elite. The driving performance, sharpness, good controllability do not disturb the impression. Even if the ground clearance is small, the car demonstrates normal cross-country ability.


  • new C2 platform;
  • 3-cylinder turbo petrol or 4-cylinder diesel engine;
  • 125 / 150 hp;
  • 8-speed automatic transmission;
  • voluminous trunk.

Everything you need for the driver is at your fingertips: 8-inch display, e-Shifter puck, extended instrument cluster, infotainment system. Pilot 360 is the uncompromising driver assistance system.

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