The “Miracle Parrot” who recites verses from the Holy Quran

We all love talking parrots and we get so overwhelmed even hearing them say ‘hi’ in their squeaky voice. We have often seen many videos of talking parrots on social media sites. To see a parrot reciting the Quranic verses made the people watch it over and over again and share it on social media.[irp]

Recently a video of a parrot reciting Quranic verses, therefore, went viral. The grey parrot was being called ‘miracle parrot’ by the people.  The owner of the parrot, Jordanian Hussain Al Sawalme gave a statement to the Reuters saying, “It took a long time to train him, we started with a few words at first, then full sentences and eventually decided to teach him to recite verses from the Holy Quran.”

Hussain is a technician at a dental lab and a true bird lover. On the question of how the bird is able to recite the verses so fluently, Hussain told the Reuters, “The Casco (Grey Parrot) bird is one of the smartest in the world and has an incredible ability to imitate sounds and voices, it’s truly miraculous.”

Masha Allah, what a wonderful thing to teach to a parrot. No doubt that this act has filled our hearts with joy and faith. The social media commented on this parrot in different ways. Most of the social media was filled with Masha Allah, the people absolutely loved this activity and shared the video with their friends and family.

Everyone did have one thing to say, and that was, “La Illaha ila Allah.” The sharing of such statuses with the video felt wonderful. Later on, people started sharing videos of other parrots reciting the Quranic verses. Some even added that this is not the first parrot to do such an act.

Whether it was the first parrot or not, the video was absolutely amazing and overwhelming with faith. It reminds us that Allah has created brilliant things and that His creations are capable of doing so much more than we know. He is all-knowing and the creator of such creations is flawless in all aspects.

However, personally, I didn’t like the idea. The amount of time he has spent on a parrot could have been spent on a productive thing. I remember from the books of history, I read a story of a parrot who memorized the entire Holy Quran.

When the parrot was presented to a Mughal King, he called for the people who had memorized the Holy Quran to test the memory of the parrot. Once parrot was successful in the test and the owner was expecting some rewards in the return, the King ordered his people to kill the parrot.

He told the owner that he should have done something productive in this time. He could have taught verses of Holy Quran to thousands of Muslim children in that time.

Source: Sky News Arabia


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